Neuroscience of Digital Distractions Birmingham - a talk by a TEDx speaker

Hello guys, I would like to invite you to the best-selling “Neuroscience of Digital Distractions” TEDx-style talk, coming to Birmingham on September 8th.

The digital wellness speaker, writer and thought leader, Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina, will talk about the impact that the internet and our devices have in our daily life, mood, work and sleep and will give tips on how to get back the control in our routine.

Our brain is undergoing a massive transformation as a result of internet penetration. We outsource our memory to our devices and are less and less able to concentrate on something for a long time. The real cost of allowing your gadgets to dictate your agenda and behaviour is your depleted ability to take decisions, stay focused, think clearly and creatively, sleep well, and ultimately, manage your own free time and choices. In this talk, you will learn how to take back control of your time and attention without getting rid of your tech.

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Or: ‘Digital squirrels - care and feeding’ :slight_smile:

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