Net Squared Midlands meetup: tech for good

This new meetup, the local branch of the global organisation Net Squared, connecting people for the common good, launched at Impact Hub Birmingham on May 6 2015 and web developer Nick Banford who attended told us about this space.

We’d love to have more new members and to talk to people here about doing tech for good with groups who operate in the “not for personal profit” space (charities, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, CICs, CIOs)

The co-organisers are Pauline Roche based in Birmingham and Paul Webster based in Nottingham. We also have a Net Squared Midlands Twitter account. Please get in touch with us on Twitter or on our Meetup group page and let’s add to the tech goodness in the Midlands

Hey, this sounds like a good group, I’ll be joining the meetup in just a moment

I was wondering if you might be able to tell us some more about the format of the meets? If I was to come to the next one, what can I expect?

Hi Daniel, Thanks for responding to my post. Paul and I are still developing the format but it would include time for mingling for members to chat to each other over coffee and one or two talks/presentations/demonstrations of something to do with tech for good - there are 2 other Net Squared groups in the UK (London and Cambridge - they’re also on meetup) as well as occasional meetings in Manchester so we will be looking at the successful meetups they’ve had for more ideas. We’re also part of a bigger global network so there is no shortage of ideas for topics! I think we’ll try to keep it fairly informal and use the meetup page for members to talk to each other and swap ideas. What do you think? Pauline

Next Meetup for this group is ‘How charities use social media’ with speaker Anna Noble on Jan 11th, 6.30-8.30pm at Impact Hub Birmingham; sign up here - all charity, tech for good and techy types in the Midlands are welcome; we’re going to do a short session on the #UKDigiStrategy too on the same night

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