Need Help finding Beta testers.

Hey guys.

My name is Edwin Azaka, me and my team have just finished building what we like to call:

Everclean, it’s a completely Green mobile waterless car wash/mobile car detailing subscription. Focused on keeping your car permanently clean.

Using your supplied postcode and our bike toting washers. We pinpoint and detail your car up to 3 times a month. Whether at home, at work or everywhere in between. We aim to make this a cheap and efficient pay monthly alternative to the normal carwash.

We are currently looking for 50 beta testers to be part of our 30-day free trial.
We need your help to get to the magical number.

To sign up to the beta simply go to:

Criteria for eligibility: have a car

We are also running a referral program. To have access to the program email me on at You could be rewarded £2.50 for each tester spot you can fill up.

We would also love any feedback the community have.


Hey @Edwaka, I’m the guy that suggested you post here - welcome to the community.

Alas, I don’t drive myself, so the service isn’t of any value to me, but hopefully this will be useful for some of the other members.

:car: :blue_car:

I’ll have a think about it when you expand to professional bicycle cleaning :bike: :smiley_cat:

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Hey @LimeBlast I’m glad you suggested it. I wasn’t even aware of this community.
You guys have loads of terrific stuff. I might become a regular.

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You’ve used the word “detailing” a few times @Edwaka - I am not sure what this is. Might be worth thinking about when developing your marketing materials?

Allright, I’ll slow down on “detailing”.
Do you have any other thoughts on the service itself ?

Subscription car-washes, yes, I think people might go for that. Not needing to take the car to a car-wash is a definite plus. Your target market is for people who don’t have a banger (they want to keep it clean) but it’s not so nice that they’ll risk someone else washing it.

I know car owners who won’t use drive-in washers, as they allegedly scratch paint. I doubt this myself, but it’s these attitudes you’ll need to consider as you decide who your target market is.

I know this is unsolicited advice from a pedant but it’s the sort of thing that I would like to have pointed out to me. However feel free to ignore, I won’t be offended! I’m not trying to put a downer on things, it just sounds like that sometimes :wink:

From the website:

We keep Your Car clean ForEver

What is going on with the capitalisation?

The amount of water wasted in a single car wash a year would be enough to last 26 small villages for a year.

I don’t think you need the first “a year” as the amount of water in a single car wash a year is the same amount of water in a single car wash over any time frame.

However, the idea itself is great! I just need to check with the wife how much we normally spend on the car-wash per month as she normally has it done whilst she’s at the shops. If it’s around the same amount then I will sign up.

One more question: What is it that you mean by detailing? I still don’t quite understand sorry.


I may not be your target market but I clean my car when I notice it’s really dirty, so I’m trying to minimise the cost to ‘as needed’. Addressing this market would tend to make peaks weather-dependent so you may choose not to.

Many of the cars in the city are kept in locked car parking so you would need to meet people to gain access.

The people who work in large car parks, while people work or shop have low travelling costs and economy of scale on their side to reduce their costs. Good luck though.

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I think we decided to go with the word detailing to reallly highlight the fact that we aim to give the cars we clean a show-room quality level of detail.

thanks for commenting :grinning:

We did think about this, this is why we built the system to include more than one address.

As for the current large car park workers, we are minimising our cost by using only pedal bikes and focusing only in city centers.

“Detailing” to me means adding detail, like go-faster stripes or chrome widgets. No details are added when one cleans it (though they might be revealed, I suppose!).

You might need to give your washers sat-nav devices. I’m a keen cyclist (with a poor sense of direction) and getting to postcodes in areas I don’t know is not time-efficient.

I’ve been talking to a barber today. They call it ‘finish’.

I’m not a fan of sites that offer you something for free but still want your credit cards details.

This is purely and simply in the hope that you forget to cancel at the end of a trial.

Otherwise if the service is worth the asking price why not ask for payment details at the end of the trial to continue ?

Sets the entire relationship off on the wrong foot.

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I found that “detailing” meaning “a thorough car wash” is used by this company too. @Edwaka, that site might be useful for your research generally.

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