My Maze Runner robot build (maybe you'd like to build one?)

If you’re a member of the brumtech Slack channel, you may have heard me mention a couple times that I was planning a one-off meet based around building a robot kit.

I was hoping that the meet would allow me to find some time to construct the kit with some like-minded folk, but soon realised that if I’m hosting the meet, in reality, I’d probably be too busy looking after other people to build any of my own. I also figured that if I was going to ask people to fork out over £50 to cover the cost of the kit and equipment, I should probably do my due diligence, and make sure the kit was up to scratch.

So I ordered one for myself last week, and have spent the day today building it.

The kit in question is the Maze Runner by Hobby Components, a fun little robot that’s able to learn a maze made of electrical tape, then complete it using the fastest route on the second run.

It took about 6 hours to build in total, which includes visiting Maplin to buy a replacement screw (I dropped it on the floor and was unable to find it) and the desoldering of 2 resistors which I put in the wrong place.

I also did a little sad when I first turned it on as only one of the wheels rotated, but this apparently had fixed itself by the time I switched it on the third time, and has worked fine since.

Anyway, if the kit above looks like something you’d be interested in building with a group of like-minded folk, please give me a nod by posting below.

If the robot kit seems a bit too advanced for you, but you’re still keen on learning to solder, etc… that’s also perfectly fine as there are easier (and cheaper) kits which are just as much fun to build, so I’m sure we can accomodate :slight_smile:

I’ve spoken in the past about a casual electronics meet, and I’m viewing this as an alpha stage towards making that a thing, so if any of this sounds interesting, you know what to do.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this Imgur album of random build images I sent to friends:

I got a GoPro a few weeks ago. The idea behind the purchase was to use it to film myself building various projects, both for self-reference, and to share with others on YouTube (as if anyone wants to watch anything I produce).

Anyway, after it sat in it’s box for a couple of weeks (to be fair, I’ve not had the bits needed for any of my projects) I figured it was time to do something with it, so popped it on drop of the maze runner robot:

Not quite what I expected :grimacing:

There’s a glitch in the matrix!

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