My first open source project - help me or roast me ;)

(Etewiah) #1

Got my 1st open source project on github - horraaaaay!!!

To be honest, I’ve been a bit shy about sharing it here because some of you guys know me and I’m a bit embarrassed by some of the code in there. Plus it is very poorly tested :frowning:

But, what the heck - there’ll always be room for improvement so might as well toss it out there and get roasted :wink:

And do feel free to point out the worst errors you find - really. I’m not so thin skinned as not to be able to take some criticism.

If you do like it though please share it and give it some github stars love.

Cheers and ave a greeeat weekend!

(Andy Wootton) #2

“Release early, release often” - Linus (because They make you!)

Can’t help but good luck.

(Etewiah) #3

Thanks - that’s my plan :wink:

(Jon) #4

51 stars and 23 forks is excellent, well done! I have a couple of projects that I don’t know how to promote, which languish on one or two stars. How did you get eyeballs on your work?

(Etewiah) #5

Thanks. Its taken quite a lot of effort. I think the main reason is that it really is something that people want. Pretty much everyone I know who has tried creating a real estate website has complained about the lack of options other than wordpress. Also I’ve posted in lots of forums and written some blog posts about it like this:

Plus I’ve badgered a load of my friends. One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that hardly anyone I know in the UK has gone ahead and given it a star (even when they’ve been complimentary about it) whereas pretty much all my dev friends in Spain who I’ve mentioned it to have given it a star so perhaps the top tip is - make friends with Spanish devs :wink:

(Marc Cooper) #6

This is very nice. I’ll try to have a dig in to the code this week. (Warning: all the commented code will go :slight_smile: ) Gave you a star too :thumbsup:

(Etewiah) #7

Olé - nice one :wink: Thanks for the star and let me know if you see something particularly smelly in my code.

(Daniel Hollands) #8

I’ve not taken too deep a look into this, but I do have some initial feedback that the Admin link in the main navigation bar probably shouldn’t exist. To me, it seems like it would confuse any customers using the site, and while it’s handy for the admins of the site, the link you have in the footer does that job equally well.

Additionally, none of your pages have <title> tags.

The only other piece of feedback I’d give at this point is that it would be nice if you had more properties in the database, to get a feel for what it would be like under load. I get that you probably don’t want to waste your time doing this manually, so it might be worth creating a seed file (or something) which uses Faker to populate this data. But this is just in relation to the demo, and not something which I think you need to concern yourself with too much.

(Etewiah) #9

Good points @LimeBlast. Now you mention it I realise that the admin link can indeed be confusing. The missing title tags are a complete oversight on my part :frowning:

I have a seeder class which I use in a rake task to populate the initial db. Fake data in this case will have to make a bit of sense so I don’t think Faker will quite do it. When I get the chance I will add more example yml files for my seeder class:

Thanks for taking the time to have a look - really appreciate.