Music & Movements - Skiffle, Punk & Raspberry Pi


Hey @Woo. Coincidentally, we decided to make a collaborative music coding app for Hackference this weekend. Got a demo of the app here: - is a bit shaky given that it was made in under 24 hours and could definitely use someone less tone-deaf than myself writing the final code!

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@bhish I love music but I don’t actually understand it very well. What really annoys me is that some of the best musicians I know don’t understand it either but I don’t have any of their musical intuition. I’m trying to multi-task by learning about Clojure and music at the same time. Did you know there’s no agreed definition of music? It’s just noise that some people choose to listen to. I was coincidentally reading about abstraction yesterday and came across abstract art. One type aims to remove meaning so that it is only about the relationship between the visual components: eye music - an interesting contrast with conceptual art where the meaning is separated from the craft. I think they need layered models.

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Raspberry Pi just told me that there is an update available. I followed the link to add an Ubuntu repo that is ‘always up date’ , to find that isn’t true.

Anyone know Ubuntu package management? They are looking for volunteers.