Monzo as a joint account?

My girlfriend and I will soon be moving in together. To make things simple, we’re going to open a joint bank account for any joint expenses (rent, groceries, utilities, etc) to go out of. The idea is we’ll both put an amount into this account on each pay day, and I’ll use YNAB to do the budget for it (and for my own account. Lucy will do her own thing for her private account, as she finds YNAB stressful).

In any case, because of this setup, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on using monzo as this joint account?

I’ve never used monzo myself, but I did use revoult in Iceland, and the instant notifications of spending were excellent, a feature I believe monzo also has.

In any case, I like the instant notifications, because I’ll be able to track what she spends out of the joint account (for groceries, or whatever else), and log it into YNAB accordingly.

I know @TauOmicronMu had monzo, but would welcome feedback from anyone else that has used it.


I don’t use Monzo for this but I think I’m pretty standard with how I do stuff. My wife and I each have our own current accounts, salaries paid into. And there’s a joint current account that gets a SO paid into each month and all bills go out of this by DD or SO. We both pay the same amount in to cover all all the shared bill (although same %age is maybe fairer but thats for you to discuss). That includes some extra for groceries and shared luxuries (dinners out). Everything else we pay for ourselves on Monzo

I just did my budgeting in Numbers. i have a joint spreadsheet, and one for each of our own in/outs. Savings go into a savings account.

I think the issue for now is you can’t get two cards on one account. Maybe that will change when they open proper bank accounts to all and they do a joint.


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