Mobile UI designer required

(Matthew Kennard) #1

Hello - one of my clients, for whom I’m developing a Xamarin iOS/Android app, is looking for a UI designer to come on board for a project to launch in the US next March. The app is in the health/fitness space and their goal is have 4.5 million users in the first 12 months. They have some relatively significant US investment to make this happen. If you are a mobile UI designer, or if you know of someone, please let me know. Thanks!

(Andy Wootton) #2

Is this remote, working from the Birmingham area?

(Matthew Kennard) #3

Hello. My client is based in Worcestershire. However remote working would be assumed, with most likely review meetings in Birmingham where I’m based at Innovation Birmingham.

(Steve Jalim) #4

Hi Matthew - I know an excellent freelance UX designer who has done v good mobile work for a client of mine. Before I ping her, though - is this a full-time engagement you’re seeking, or just whatever fits to get it covered?

(Matthew Kennard) #5

Hello Steve. This isn’t a full time engagement. I would imagine that it is about 10 days of work initially. Thanks!

(Steve Jalim) #6

Hi Matthew - sorry for the false alarm. I mentioned it to my friend but she’s not available until Feb at the earliest.

Best of luck with your search!

PS: shamelessly plugging my current main client, might be worth taking a look at

(Matthew Kennard) #7

No worries, thanks for checking! My client has selected someone now so all on track.

Kind Regards