Missed deadline project management penalty clauses

my role is to manage the projects ,the client provided me the ERP implementation project agreement ,i wanted to keep some penalty clauses for the missing dead lines ,any one can guide me how much % we can reduce from the PO also what are the areas i can apply penality clauses .

Is this for a company that you are paying to do work for you, or are they paying you to do work?

It sounds like you have a role in a company environment, so ultimately this will be down to your legal department (if you have one) or a company director/partner (who has legal responsibility for business disputes).

That all said, if you can work with this supplier/client in an agile fashion, maybe you can scrap penalty clauses completely, and just work on short sprints with exit clauses at the end of each iteration? The job of whoever is producing the ERP implementation will be to produce useful artefacts in each sprint, and if the supplier needs to be removed because of under-performance, their work can be used by their successor.

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Yes we are going to pay to client for implementing the project as its web based ERP

Where are you based, @Protech? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am based in india

Righto. As per my above note, I think this community is keen to strike the right balance between wanting to be welcoming of everyone, while also emphasising this forum’s purpose as a way to connect IT professionals, students and enthusiasts in a specific geographic region.

Your three questions so far are rather vague, and rather subjective, and the answer for all of them is - as with so many things - “it depends”. I am not sure they are particularly answerable in their current form (at least not in a way that produces useful answers). You might be able to get help on a Stack Exchange website e.g. Stack Overflow, Software Engineering, etc, but bear in mind that questions on those sites must be detailed and specific in order to be regarded as on-topic. As they stand, they would all be put on hold quickly on those sites, for the reasons I state above.

Your alternative might be to ask a question on Reddit or Quora, where (as far as I can tell) nothing is off-topic. However, I would still urge you to spend more time setting out the your problem(s) in detail - it is easy to forget that while you know what question you want to ask, your readers have no context at all. You thus have to be very detailed.

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