Midland(s) Engine

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It seems that central government have decided we only do ‘meckin stuff’ in Midland(s.) My family sold off its greasy rags a couple of generations ago, so they know what they can do with their chuffing engines :smile:


In a way, I’m glad it doesn’t recognise we do software because this is exactly the kind of hierarchically controlled organisation that could destroy what we are best at.

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Apparently, like mayors, this wasn’t optional. It was launched yesterday. That will be the white-hot heat of technology Harold Wilson talked about. I’m trying to be positive:

It consists of a band across the centre of the country from most of the Welsh border to the Wash. I think they’ve left a tiny corridor from The North to The South via Wales in case Midland declares UDI. Very wise. It may simply be the West Midlands and East Midlands Regions of England. I can’t find a clear description. How does the ‘Birmingham & Midland’ tech cluster work with potential competitors in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester or Telford and Hereford, for mutual advantage?

My first proposal is to talk about the #MidlandEngine instead of the #MidlandsEngine on social media, if we are all playing for the same team. It’s an interesting experiment in distributed political power and heterogenous, wide-area clustering.

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Here’s a bit of detail http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-39216421

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