Midland(s) Engine

It seems that central government have decided we only do ‘meckin stuff’ in Midland(s.) My family sold off its greasy rags a couple of generations ago, so they know what they can do with their chuffing engines :smile:

In a way, I’m glad it doesn’t recognise we do software because this is exactly the kind of hierarchically controlled organisation that could destroy what we are best at.

Apparently, like mayors, this wasn’t optional. It was launched yesterday. That will be the white-hot heat of technology Harold Wilson talked about. I’m trying to be positive:

It consists of a band across the centre of the country from most of the Welsh border to the Wash. I think they’ve left a tiny corridor from The North to The South via Wales in case Midland declares UDI. Very wise. It may simply be the West Midlands and East Midlands Regions of England. I can’t find a clear description. How does the ‘Birmingham & Midland’ tech cluster work with potential competitors in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester or Telford and Hereford, for mutual advantage?

My first proposal is to talk about the #MidlandEngine instead of the #MidlandsEngine on social media, if we are all playing for the same team. It’s an interesting experiment in distributed political power and heterogenous, wide-area clustering.

Here’s a bit of detail

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