Midland Information Cluster (mic)

Interesting. I know Lean people with a 5 minute build cycle who say “never branch”. They use conditional flags for experiments. They are a large team but not a public project so they can probably be more certain of quality than I can guarantee :slight_smile:

Who decides whether to pull, on a shared project?

Peer review, followed by a project maintainer merging the PR, commonly.

The problem here is that I only want to put the diagram up so that people can review it :slight_smile:

Post it here?

Also, rendered diagrams aren’t great for collaborative content - if it does go into some repo, including the source, too, would be great </patronise>

I will put the source in git when I remember how but who has KDE’s Umbrello? UML tools ‘in theory’ have an XML-based exchange format but I’ve yet to see a diagram exchanged successfully and I have no idea how we could merge parallel changes. I thought telling me changes were needed was better. Agile 101 - the conversation has more value than the artifact (but I’ve always had REALLY bad memory so I need to write things down/draw pictures.)

I put the PNG on my blog just so people could see what I’m talking about. I don’t think the diagram will be ‘the source’ in the long run, network discovery from reality could be, but ‘reality’ doesn’t exist yet, or where it does, we haven’t located it.

I’ve put this up here:

The first thing would be fork the repo and commit what you want to that fork. You can then share that fork here in the forum. It would be best if the PNG images were also shared in a easily editable source form, such as SVG with a method to regenerate the PNGs (i.e. a script).

If two people edit the same file, it’s typically the second person to push who has to work out how to merge the changes, which you can avoid by not getting behind master. If you need help getting started, message me on here.

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Is it too late to change to /mic @rythie? I realised that it is a registered trademark. I think it is also about the Midland area cluster, in Birmingham’s gravitational field, like the Metro Mayor.


Great, thanks. We wouldn’t want to start a war with France; you know what those cheese-eating surrender-monkeys are like for taking offence :slight_smile:

I’m afraid UML “isn’t quite that simple”. A proper UML model isn’t just a set of drawings, it’s really a set of projections of an n-dimensional graph. That’s why you can’t use Visio, whatever Microsoft tell you. Anyone who talks about UML ‘drawings’ or ‘diagrams’ instead of ‘models’ is probably a charlatan.

Objects and connectors can be visible on multiple views at the same time. I could export as SVGs - I did because they re-size nicely; but Wordpress couldn’t load them so I gimped them to PNGs. Edits wouldn’t be reflected in the model because you’re just ‘patching the binaries’, so they’d be over-written the next time there was an export. Sparx Enterprise Architect, the UML tool I used at E.ON had ‘source-control’ of models in a database but I think it used locking.
KDE Umbrello is ‘basic’ and a teeny bit buggy but I’m following beggars can’t be choosers protocols.

Thanks for the advice btw @rythie. I could remember that I’ve started locally and pushed up and started at the top and pulled down and one was much better. I just couldn’t remember which. I think GitHub help tells you to do it one way and BitBucket the other. Apparently I’ve set up an organisation too, when I helped out at BCU. I wonder how I did that. I haz notes.

They’re in a ‘gist’ in my Github which is lucky because I’ll need to set up .ssh up on the box with Umbrello installed.

Update: I’ve noticed that you said “fork” not “pull” now. I’ve made some changes in andywootton/mic

I’ve pushed the (unfinished) UML .xmi ‘source’ file and the .PNGs of the pages, as they stand.
It is still very incomplete so I currently only NEED prompting for anything I’ve completely missed or where someone wants to get started on creating data that I haven’t mentioned but if someone urgently wants to see something on there, add it to This is a list of change-requests not a change log; I hope git can cope with that.

I obviously have to push changes to my andywootton/mic now. Do you get automatic notification that something has changed and needs to be pulled or should I tell you every time? Would it be best if anyone wanting to review the latest version while it is changing fast looks at my repo? My git knowledge is very basic. I haven’t seen forks or branches in action before.

We have a which hopefully has on it: that says what the mic is. for coffee and tea shops - check if your favourites are there. for schools, colleges & universities for the stuff we use here

I’ve created a for us to say what our culture is. For now it basically just says “Don’t be a dick”. I think others have more experience of what needs to be there. @Jess?

I hope @mattpointblank might use it to resurrect his idea of agreeing a mini-manifesto for Brum techies. I thought ‘The Cluetrain Manifesto’ was a big boost to people who were trying to do tech better.

To me, politics is just a big argument over what “fair” means. I get the feeling that we would have less disagreement over that than the general population. I’d like less inequality but for special effort to be rewarded and I don’t need a yacht. I think all of the political parties have “been dicks” during the last month, so I’d hope we could at least do better than them.

alexrussel has set up a Brumtech #mic channel for faster exchange of ideas and to teach me how to use git properly (when I’ve done the house-work. I’m not a fan of Fridays but at least tonight I get to break my ears at The Sunflower Lounge.) I still have my doubts about Slack but as I said, I don’t want to hog the MIC.

Looking forward to seeing the first PR merge of this to get it underway - just had a read through this thread. I also really like the idea of a Birmingham tech ‘manifesto’, though I expect it will be extremely tricky to write to make sure it’s as inclusive as possible.

I think as an outsider coming in that Birmingham needs to ‘collide’ as much as possible, and we need more developers and engineers to come together centrally. The description I am seeing time and time again now is that we’re all ‘scattered about’, but with a decent size city centre and a city of over a million people I would think it shouldn’t be -too- difficult to arrange things centrally. Perhaps this information can get momentum going for that.

Has using Github pages ( been discussed for this?

There was a preliminary discussion (above) along with a decision to get on with gathering data to prove something is going to happen before anyone wastes too much time on it. I did some work in my own GitHub andywootton/mic which no-one has commented on, as far as I know.

The micMap WIKI
and the ‘code’ for the UML - it now has issue-tracking.

I’ve also submitted a pull request to birminghamio for the emptyish files we’ve already identified we want.

I knew someone already had a coffee shop list. It’s @paulineroche

I’ve added a link to her existing list into which I’ll push to GitHub later.

I see no point duplicating work already done :slight_smile:

Is it time to add the user group directories in a markdown file? As in user groups plus their websites/Meetup links/organiser/contact details?

Please go ahead, if you have that data and know how it can be kept up to date.

I started this off as an experiment in co-operative development, to see if we can do things without anyone being ‘the leader’.

I think Google Circles were a very good idea, poorly implemented. People are members of multiple groups, so we need m-m associations. I’m not convinced a hierarchical structure is up to the job. I’ve been thinking in graphs but if we get the data we can ‘refactor’ it later.

There may also be privacy issues about who people want their associations to be shared with. I think it should be their choice i.e. individuals should own their own social map. Google Circles owned the data, asked us to do the work and didn’t provide any mechanism to share what we’d done. It was THEIR Precious :slight_smile:

p.s. I think we’ll eventually need a voting mechanism to set direction - which is another experiment - in distributed democracy.

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