Microsoft Cloud User Group - 18th May

(UC and Cloud Day) #1

6:00pm – Networking

6:30 – Archive360 – Tony Wilkins – Bringing Compliance to Azure Blob Storage

In this session we will look at how a native cloud application was built using the Azure components to deliver an application wrapper that allows data to be stored and searched in Azure blob storage which meets compliance requirements

7:15 – MSCUG Host – Andrew J. Price (MVP) – Get-Channels | Set-Channels “Understanding ProPlus Channels”

In this session we will be breaking down the Office 2016 ProPlus Channels, provide insight into the patch cycle and show you a life hack on how to set channels via Registry or Group Policy

7:45 – Break/Pizza/Beers

8:15 – MSCUG – Steve Goodman (MVP) – How to stay compliant in Office 365

There are a variety of options for making sure you keep data for as long as the organization needs. In this session we’ll walk through the various options available in Office 365, and help you understand where the line blurs across the suite.

9:00 – Finish
Wrap up and head to the pub for more networking.

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(Stuart Langridge) #2

Excellent. It would be useful if this meetup also showed in the tech calendar, which will help people find out about it; you can see the calendar at and there are instructions there for how to ensure you’re in it (or I can help with that if it’s not clear!)

(UC and Cloud Day) #3

Hi Stuart,

Im not a githut expert so could someone add this event and the following; they are hosted on Eventbrite

17th August

5th October

Also there will be a large Microsoft Conference at the National Motorcycle Museum on 9th October. I will post this from 1st June.

(Stuart Langridge) #4

Sure thing, we’ll get those added.

(@rythie the eventbrite account posts all the MS cloud events, in other cities too. I don’t think we can add some-but-not-all-events from an eventbrite account, can we? we might need to fix that :))

(Daniel Hollands) #5

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