Micro-geographic Community service

My son moved into a block of apartments. The builders promised they would establish a residents association but didn’t. I tried to use G+ to get people interested in buying the lease but there was little interest in signing up to G+ so I got a few email addresses. They have common interests, parking problems, bins, security systems but no easy way to gather on-line. Few people turn up for management company meetings because they take all evening.

I was thinking that something like this that would scale up from block to area to ward to council could be a basis for greater local democracy.

I wonder if this is something which a two-way mailing might help?

I use wiggio to help manage my gaming clan. It provides a central address to which all the members are able to email, and in turn forwards the messages to all of the other members.

It’s not perfect, but it works well for us, so might do for them too.

It might deal with the original issue but I have grand ideas of trying to improve the democratic process too. I thought someone might want to make a grab for some of the Digital City funding.

You’ve gotta work to the lowest common denominator really, which sounds like email.

Get a mailing list going.

I’ve got to agree, everything falls back to email. It’s very hard to get people to come regularly to a destination site, even super-engaging social networks like Twitter and Facebook, email you about important (and even not so important) updates to keep you coming back. In my mind, an online system for this could exist but it would need to also send out a ton of emails to keep people engaged. Maybe something similar to UserVoice or could work for the larger groups?

Thanks. I agree that it might be necessary to fall-back to email as a notification system when there are new message but I don’t feel email has sufficient ‘persistence’. Someone had a go at me on LinkedIn the other day for asking a question that gets asked every year. I probably wasn’t on LinkedIn a year ago and I’d only just joined the group. I asked where the FAQ was. Obviously he preferred to complain then write one.

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