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I was wondering if we should have a marketplace on this forum. Just a section for Wanted/For Sale. What do you think @LimeBlast? Do we need to vote on it?

  • Yes
  • No

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No harm in having a category for it. I have a bunch of stuff that needs freecycling, so it could go on :slight_smile:

I have few for moneycycle :grin: Few in like-new condition

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I like the idea in theory, and even voted yes, but I can’t help but feel there are better venues for this, such as

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While that’s true but having a place here we’d buy from/sell to people who we know a trust.

Drat. Pressed no when I had intended to click yes.

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I don’t feel strongly either way. What would people want to sell here? It only seems to make sense for ‘tech stuff’ as that is what we have in common and then why restrict yourself to the Birmingham/Midland area? If it wasn’t tech-only then there would be a low signal to noise ratio. My experience of such systems in companies has been regular use by a few people but I bought things myself.

I predict that @LimeBlast will buy most things :slight_smile:

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