Maplin possibly on its way out?

(Jon) #1

You may have heard that Maplin has gone into administration, alongside Toys R Us. Their website has a notice to this effect. I do hope they can remain open - I remember buying electronics components from them when I was a wee nipper. :hugs:

On a small upside, it looks like there’s some bargains to be had. I’ll see if I can pop along today, assuming the store is still open. I believe they’re still trading.

(Daniel Hollands) #2

I heard a couple weeks ago they were looking for a buyer, and that last week they had gone into administration.

As much as I enjoyed being in a Maplin store (reminded me of Tandy, back when I was younger), I hardly ever bought anything from there because they’re too expensive, and I never felt like anyone that worked there actually knew what they were talking about.

(Jon) #3

Ah, I’d forgotten about Tandys!

Yes, I wonder if the Maplin pricing strategy has been a bad plan in the long term. I think they were relying on less knowledgable consumers being willing to buy a memory stick for £25 when they could have picked the same up from Tesco for £15, and less still on eBay.

(Jon) #4

I popped in earlier, and they’re putting up “closing down” banners everywhere. However, it’s not clear that the discounts have been applied to things yet. I’ll give it a couple of days.

Anyone looking to grab a bargain may need to bear in mind that they may not have a shop to go back to for warranty claims, of course.

(Greg Robson) #5

Alas, they never sold the bigger ticket items that might have given them profit, the stores were often in odd locations (retail parks are suffering), and they never really made anything out of the momentum behind Raspberry Pis and drones. It would have been an ideal place to stock that kind of kit.

I can’t see it being saved… I don’t think they occupy great retail locations (who does now?)

Retail is definitely being shaken up. Debenhams is now renting part of its flagship London store to the hot-desking company WeWork!

(Jon) #6

Yes, I noticed yesterday they’re doing Arduino stuff, but not Pi. The former is probably more in tune with their hardware/soldering/electronics hobbyist roots, but Pis are a bit more accessible for folks who just want to try some programming on their TV.

Drones are exciting to look at, but I wonder if they might be too niche to help turn things around. I saw today that Currys have gotten behind them in a big way, with some units hitting the £1,300 mark. It’s not exactly consumer electronics, and if I were in the market I’d prefer to buy from a hobbyist store where the staff are passionate and knowledgable about RC, but fair enough if that’s where hobbyists want to buy.

(Andy Wootton) #7

I called in on Saturday, looking for a F-F connector to plug my CD player phono-out into a PC line-in. They have some decent deals on (but they only had mono.)