Manchester's travel mess

(Marc Cooper) #1

This is heroically epic. Sadly, I get to attend meetings where approaches like this are earnestly debated. Stuff like this isn’t accidental complexity. If you can spot the flaws, then double your rates and go forth.

(Jim Seconde) #2

Happy that it’s heroically epic, considering a line in the article that says Manchester is the UK’s second city.

(Andy Wootton) #3

I’m not sure now but it was the second largest metropolitan city. Brum is huge as a ‘proper city’ though because it includes the whole of Sutton Park, which seems like cheating to me.

(Jim Seconde) #4

If you think we’re cheating, you should see including Bolton, Oldham,
Salford and Bury in your population. Imagine what would be in ours if we
included Coventry and Wolverhampton

(Andy Wootton) #5

That’s what I meant about ‘now’. If it’s the Metro-Mayor’s patch, we’ve escalated but you’re telling Dudley they’re Brummies now.

(Marc Cooper) #6

heh Had a feeling that line might provoke a response… as it does in the comments.

(Andy Wootton) #7

Back to original question: is the fault that the system is designed for the convenience of divvying up the profits between the private companies involved, rather than for the benefit of the customers ‘consuming’ the ‘service offering’? That’s sad because reasonably priced, simplified services would actually increase the proportion of people able to rely on public transport and increase income, at least until they’re on strike all the time, if we loop back to the 1970s under a Corbyn government. Is it time to admit I’m not actually a real socialist? :slight_smile:

(Matt Andrews) #8

We can’t laugh that much, our system’s not much better. Where I live I have the 50 bus, but it’s served by two different providers: National Express and Diamond (blue bus). Almost everyone at the bus stops ignores the blue one because National Express daysavers aren’t accepted (and vice versa) and the NX buses are much more frequent. I have to pay an extra £15 or so on my monthly ticket in order to use those buses.

On the other hand, I was in Manchester last weekend and missed a tram (every 12 mins on a Sunday) because I couldn’t buy a ticket quickly enough. They only sell tickets via on-platform machines – you can’t pay onboard. At least we’ve managed that!

(Andy Wootton) #9

When will the government / travel companies understand that we just want to get to a place, as quickly as we can and that’s the service we pay for, not being in a particular colour box? I understand why they care which boxes are popular but not why I should.

A bus stops outside my house. I could catch it then a train from Walsall to Brum but I walk 15 minutes to catch the train all the way because that is cheaper. It costs 20p more for a return than a single. That’s almost a 2-4-1. Who makes these decisions?