Makers Central at the NEC: 5th-6th May

(Daniel Hollands) #1

I don’t really know anything about this event, other than the fact one of the maker YouTube channels I follow is going to be at it:

I plan on going - is anyone else interested?

(Andy Wootton) #2

I’m tempted but worried it would give me ideas above my DIY skill-grade and cost a fortune in tools.

(Tom English) #3

Ooh I like the look of that!

Makes me want to build a forge.

(Daniel Hollands) #4

Good stuff.

I can’t decide if I should go on the Saturday or Sunday (or maybe both? Although that’s less easy with me living in Worcester now). What do you think would be best?

I’m up for a contingent of folks all going, if anyone else is interested?

(Tom English) #5

Well, as most of Sunday’s line up is “Coming soon” according to their site, I’d say saturday at the minute :laughing:

(Daniel Hollands) #6

I guess that’s the downside to early bird tickets - you don’t have all the relevant information. Mind you, it’s only a saving of a fiver per day, so it’s up to you if you’d want to wait until buying the tickets.

That said, the one day tickets can be used on either day, so I’m somewhat tempted to buy four of them (two for me, and two for my girlfriend), and if I decide I’m only going one day, try and sell the other two (for purchase price, of course - I ain’t no scalper).

(Tom English) #7

True. I was thinking of just going for one day. Probably just buy on day - may check back when the lineup is up and book in advance.

(Daniel Hollands) #8

OK, so I’ve ended up buying two one day tickets (one each for Lucy and I) at the early bird price. If I decide to go a second day, I’ll just have to pony up the cash then.

(Daniel Hollands) #9

Just a reminder that Maker’s Central is this weekend. I’ll be there on the Saturday, if anyone else is coming along?

(Jon) #10

I can’t make the Saturday, but let me know if you’re going on the Sunday - I could be tempted!

(Daniel Hollands) #11

Alas, I have Gin-based plans for the Sunday.