Maker Monday - Lego Special with DMLL 31/07/17

July’s Maker Monday will be a Lego Special with the excellent Disruptive Media Lab from Coventry University. Join us on 31st July at 1000 Trades from 5pm. Click here to book.
We will be working with Lego Mindstorms, which are much more than a toy: employed by companies big and small, Mindstorms allows for rapid prototyping of complex environments that require electromechanical solutions.
Lego can be used by entrepreneurs young and old to design programmable machines with no formal knowledge of coding - all you need is an idea!
Maker Monday is all about getting creative with technologies, exploring something new and inspiring ideas
The event is free, as is the beer and pizza. To make sure we have enough slices, please book your place. See you there!
Our next event is on Monday 31st July at 1000 Trades in the JQ. Please join us. Click here to book.

@timmy666 I couldn’t come last night so I did some home-work Lego MindStorms

Cheers Andy. I have duly replied! Great stuff :slight_smile:

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