[looking for work] Looking for a Junior/Apprenticeship/Intern Developer Job

(Mannie Gill) #1

Hi Everyone,

I am on the lookout for a junior developer role in and around Birmingham. I have looked for jobs on job boards but most of the junior roles seemed to be in London.

In terms of languages I have experience in Ruby, PHP, Javascript and C#.

More information about me:

(Daniel Hollands) #2

Hi @mannieg, welcome to the forum. Feel free to introduce yourself over at #introductions.

First off, it might be worth checking some of the positions listed in our #jobs category - I can’t guarantee that any of them will be suitable, but it’s a start.

Secondly, I think you’ll have a hard sell trying to position yourself as a remote junior. One of the benefits of a junior position is the ability to be surrounded by your peers and to learn from them - that’s not really possible as a remote worker.

Third, if you was to update this post to follow the guidelines set out here as a job seeker (specifically, add a link to your CV, GitHub account, etc…) then some of the business owners in the local area might see what they like.

Best of luck in your search.

(Mannie Gill) #3

Hi @LimeBlast, thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I think you have an excellent point in regards to working remotely and something I agree with.

I will update my post with the changes you have suggested.