[looking for work] LAMP/PHP contractor

(Jon) #1

Hi all

I’m bringing to a close a year off, in which I’ve been working on my own software projects, and am now looking to get back into software engineering contracting. Prior to my sabbatical, I did 16 months with a high-profile Warwickshire tech company, with three contract renewals.

I’m mainly looking for LAMP/PHP work, and my forte is the web, so any MVC frameworks would be fine. Most of my experience is on lightweight frameworks (Slim in particular) and home-grown frameworks (legacy software turns out to be quite popular) but stuff like Laravel/Symfony is likely to be a good fit, even though my experience of both need refreshing. I’m presently really digging Docker and the containerisation approach to application development and deployment.

I can build database-powered things from the ground up, and I’ve launched various projects of my own on traditional VPS and in the cloud. I’m happy working with, and creating, microservices, APIs and monolith applications.

Here is a linky to learn about me and peek at my skillset.

Employers looking for contingency staff, and recruiters as well, are welcome to ping me - either PM here or see the email address in the link. I’ve got a few irons in the fire with traditional recruiters, but thought I’d try here as well.

(Marc Cooper) #2

@halfer DM’d you on Slack.

(Jon) #3

I’m pleased to say my search is over - I took a call this afternoon to say that a role that I got to second interview was successful. Thank you to the several folks who sent me links and suggestions of where to look - you are awesome.

I don’t name names in public, but the firm is in Brum and they use some shiny tech! I don’t start for a couple of weeks, so I’m going to go to the sea-side :sunny: and read the Kubernetes manual :blue_book: .

(Jon) #4

I’m in danger of making this the Jon-availability-diary, but since everyone is Slacking off… :slightly_smiling_face:

The shiny contract I won did not come to pass: there was an unspecified problem several levels of client downstream from me. I am told it may yet come back, and I hope it does. In the meantime I did a short stint in sunny Leicestershire during July, which was very nice (:sunny:).

I am thus available again for full time work. I’m pestering the recruiters, but if readers know of roles that are available or soon to be available, do please shoot me a PM.