[looking for work] FrontEnd / Backend Developer Job

(King Jk) #1

Hello I’m Jk

I’m looking a job especially a new-startup .

but i need remote work at 2017 so sorry

More information about me:

Stackoverflow CV

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Jon) #2

Hi there. The “Developer Story” system from Stack Overflow is interesting, I like how they’re reinventing the CV - though whether it makes any difference to the hiring process in practice is probably an open question.

A couple of tips from my side: double-check your spellings and letter case when presenting material in support of a job search. The person pronoun “I” is upper-case, even when it is not the first word in a sentence. “Hackacthon” is spelled “Hackathon”, and there are several others. Unfortunately even the best developers can have their application rejected instantly because of simple presentational errors, so it would be worth getting a person who speaks English natively to read this through and offer some improvements.

Out of interest, are you based in Birmingham or in the surrounding areas?

(King Jk) #3

Hello Halfer
I really thank you for the suggestion and will improve and fix this problem .
btw . I’m in Asia now :slight_smile: