[looking for staff] Silicon Canal Are looking for a Community Manager

(lnpurnell) #1

Silicon Canal is a community interest company with a mission to create a world-class digital technology eco-system across Greater Birmingham. Silicon Canal is connecting, promoting and supporting tech and digital businesses from freelancers and startups through to multinationals. Together, we can make Greater Birmingham a beacon for tech and digital companies.

We are looking for our first-ever full-time person to help us grow Silicon Canal. You will report to the Silicon Canal board who are tech entrepreneurs in Birmingham.

Role: Marketing, Communications, Community Management
Basis: We are looking for a full time person but would consider a part time person if the fit was perfect.

Community Management
Communication: Handle all inbound communication to Silicon Canal
Online directory: Manage online portal, approving/editing/adding entries. Handle support for online directory.
Newsletter: Write monthly newsletter update to all ambassadors and stakeholders.

Work with PR firms and the media to publishing activities of and within Silicon Canal and the tech community.
Manage all online marketing for Silicon Canal including social media (twitter, facebook & linkedin)

Project manage Silicon Canal projects, including website updates, annual awards ceremony, annual white-paper writing / publishing and other events/projects conducted by Silicon Canal.

Fundraising & Finance
Manage and report budget for Silicon Canal
Report back to sponsors on activity and results

Stakeholder management:
Attend and represent Silicon Canal at meetings that we are invited to, including meetings with local business groups, government/council/LEP and others.

Internal Silicon Canal coordination
Board meetings: Organising board meetings, collecting actions, following up on actions
Working Groups: Arranging WG meetings, reporting activity to SC board, aligning strategy across WGs.

Personal Qualities

We are looking for someone with the following personal qualities:
Self Starter - You will be the only full-time member of staff for Silicon Canal and therefore expected to set your own day to day work.
Tech Savvy - Has good experience with the following: facebook, Twitter, mailchimp, Gsuite (docs, sheets, slides), wordpress.
Communication - confident in a meeting with stakeholders

Primary working location will be from office spaces across Birmingham (flexible, depending on candidate)
Remote working (from the West Midlands) available if suitable for candidate

Nice to have:
Writing articles/blogs, video/photography

Salary £20k per annum


(Jo Darby) #2

Any option to do this role part-time? I think I cover all bases in terms of your requirements.

(lnpurnell) #3

Hi Jo.

This position is open to being part time as we are flexible. Please
eletcric me know if you have any more questions and look forward to your CV.


(Max Woolf) #4

Hi @lnpurnell,

I just wanted to raise a concern about your job posting as it appears to be a very big job for quite a small salary. The role appears to include management of a (hopefully fast growing) community, marketing, project management, fundraising, finance management, internal coordination, meeting facilitating.
It sounds to me as if this is actually a few separate roles, or perhaps deserving of a higher salary.

As an organisation that is representing those of us in the tech sector and helping to grow our industry, I’d like to know that everyone working to that end is being compensated fairly and for the role outlined above, I’m not convinced that this is the case currently.

Please don’t take this as an attack, it’s not meant as one. I just hope that SC perhaps either decides that the job requires more of a focus or increases the compensation to attract the best candidates.

(Andy Wootton) #5

Good news though! The contact addresses are available on the new web site for the key ambassadors.

I think it’s a pity the canal-like network design has gone off the front page. I thought that was great and fitted in well with the IC designs around the walls of New Street. The bit which has been kept always reminds me of the WiFi icon, which I associate with frustration and communication difficulties. Look at me, pretending I understand how graphic design works! :slight_smile:

(Andy Wootton) #6

A big welcome to Molly Thompson as Community Manager