Looking for Staff - Full Stack Developer

(Daveyon Mayne) #1

The company that I work for it seeking to hire for few roles: Full stack, PHP dev and JavaScript Dev.

What is Cruise? Simple put, think Thomson for Cruises :wink:I’m not sure on the salary but they normally go with the market plus the years under your belt. Juniors are welcome.


  • Wordpress with custom template and plugin
  • vBulletin 5 for the forum
  • Vuejs/Nuxtjs for few sections of the website (they’re currently rolling out CI/CD) throughout
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Git/Bitbucket/pipelines
  • PHP 7

There are a lot of things to sink your teeth into there. Oh they use Windows PC, not me :v:t3:so ask for a Mac if that’s your preference.

Working hours: Very flexible. Normally 9 - 5:30 w/ 1hr lunch. Once you do the full hours. Some start their day at 8am, 8:30am (me), 9am, 10am. I think 10am is pushing it but…very flexible.

Sounds ok? Shoot me your CV and I’ll “hand deliver” it to the MD. Oh, the MD is a true OG :fist:t4:.