[looking for staff] CTO needed for awesome AI/Speech Startup

(Ben Jacobs) #1

Our product is a freakin’ cool mobile assistant that simplifies people’s lives in a way that Siri and Google-Now do not do.

We have an awesome team that includes advisors from Google, CyLon Accelerator and TechStars. Our current CTO is a top CS MEng grad from Imperial College.

We have a working prototype (2 actually), we’re funded for at least the next 6 months and we’re on the radar of at least half a dozen VCs. Very recently we we approached by and subsequently reached the final round of selection for TechStars IoT in New York.

Right now we’re keen to talk to awesome engineers (Swift/AI/ML) who might be interested in chatting. Alternatively, super happy to take advice and/or suggestions form people more intelligent than me.

(Jon) #2

Sounds pretty cool (though the presence of Cylons is a bit worrying - I suppose they look human too!).

Are you in Birmingham or the West Mids? Where do you envisage this role to be based?

(Andy Wootton) #3

You said CTO twice. Typo?

(Ben Jacobs) #4

Not a typo, our current guy sadly has to move-on for personal reasons. He’ll be around until we have found and handed over to an equally awesome successor.
Also, we’re centred on Leicester, but that’s a fairly fluid concept. Until a few weeks ago we were planning on 4 months in New York!

(Andy Wootton) #5

That could be a problem. This site is intended to build up a Brum and area tech community not be a target for recruiters from outside the area. Leicester is pushing things so NY definitely would be. Luckily, the NY Times already knows we’re better than them and I hear London is running away scared to Berlin. Join us? :smiley:

By a strange coincidence, I posted this link on Facebook earlier today. It sounds a lot like a robot he built. You listen at your own risk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB8uNtmRAHE

(Ben Jacobs) #6

Appreciate your comments Andy. I think Steve Jobs famously described himself as an overpaid recruiter. I’d assume that any aspiring entrepreneur shares a similarly broad view on geography. Forgive me if this philosophy offends you.

(Andy Wootton) #7

It doesn’t bother me. I was just letting you know that there had been a similar discussion recently. Have a look at Silicon Canal for information on what Brum does have to offer.

Is your view that people should be prepared to work anywhere? I’m not sure that works well once people start having families and I think networks are becoming increasingly important, As I said somewhere earlier, my past attempts to divorce myself from geography (and paper) were staggeringly unsuccessful. We are more tied to the physical world than we like to pretend. I think loosely clustered communities may be the near future of work as we run out of energy and travel options.

(Steve Jalim) #8

<unrequested internet advice>

“Any aspiring entrepreneur” does not usually mean a good CTO.

With that flexible view of where your company might be based in X months’ time, you’re likely deterring any experienced CTOs who have children (and I’ll bet that’s the majority of them) - moving a family/schooling/established friends/network to chase a rainbow just doesn’t happen after a certain point, IME.

</unrequested internet advice>