[looking for staff] [Birmingham] Tech Recruiter - new recruitment startup

(Richard Gale) #1

We’re a new recruitment startup, founded by three of London’s most highly regarded internal tech recruiters. We’ve each had a lot of success in both internal recruitment and recruitment agencies. Having seen both sides of the fence (internal and agency) we intimately know what hiring managers look for. Our technical knowledge is greater than almost all recruiters on the market (certainly >99th percentile) having scaled up teams building cool technologies using NLP, Bayesian Inference, Probablistic Programming / Probabilistic Graphical Models; we’ve helped build the world’s largest medical Knowledge Graph; all the way to low latency, high throughput data platforms of non-trivial scale and complexity… hiring the top 5% of engineering and data science talent in London. We’re also rigorously honest. To a fault.

We’re already working with technology and product companies to help them scale their engineering and technical teams. We work with some of London’s hottest startups and scaleups; we are anticipating that our recruiters won’t have to do business development (in 2019 at least).

We’re in stealth mode until 2019, but we’re now in a position to hire our first recruiters. We’re setting up offices in London and Birmingham. Birmingham will be led by Richard Gale (ex-Schibsted, Quantcast, Skimlinks, Babylon Health): https://www.linkedin.com/in/richgalerecruiter/

We’re looking for exceptional candidates, regardless of level - you could be a Principal Recruiter with 10 years of experience; or, you could be a junior recruiter with amazing potential, with less than a year of experience.

Our bar is unapologetically high. In addition to great recruitment fundamentals, we’ll be indexing highly for:

Raw Intellectual Horsepower:
Recruitment is fundamentally a puzzle; with lots of moving pieces which tessellate in complex ways. To say that you don’t need high levels of general cognitive ability to be a great recruiter is demonstrably false. We need excellent problem solvers, who can weigh up complex competing requirements quickly and accurately.

True Intellectual Curiosity in Technology:
How can you possibly be a great recruiter in technology, if tech doesn’t fire your intellectual curiosity? Recruiters who aren’t temperamentally orientated towards technology don’t go out of their way to learn about new techs. We want geeks who get excited by tech megatrends, gadgets, apps, games (or similar).

Rigorous Honesty:
Recruiters have earned a reputation for playing fast and loose with the truth. Perhaps that’s overstated; but nonetheless, if we’re going to fix recruitment we need to be rigorously honest recruiters. In reality, this means having the strength of character to tell the truth as completely and articulately as you can manage. Always. Medium to long term, this is the only way to truly succeed in recruitment; though it might cost you fees in the short term.

We’re looking for a lot; and we won’t find many who reach this bar. But, we will not lower the bar for short term gain. If you happen to be successful in our process, you can rest assured that your mentor / peer group will have gone through the same rigorous process; you’ll get to work with a lot of other smart, honest people. We’ll be able to teach you recruitment best practices like no other agency - as we’ve all worked in (and led) internal recruitment teams in highly selective environments. This is somewhat unique in the industry.

As the bar is so high, we’ll be rewarding our recruiters with the best comp structures. Additionally, we won’t be tracking pointless KPIs (we don’t care how many minutes you’re on the phone), offer flexible working / WFH (within reason!); all we care about is excellent delivery and you delighting your clients. We are a strictly equal opportunities employer; we only discriminate based on competence, potential, and strength of character.

If you’re passionate about tech recruitment, and believe that there’s a better way of doing things, please email me (Richard Gale) your CV / LinkedIn URL - richard@techuiter.io (or feel free to call me on 07949 064 852 to learn more and discuss).