[looking for staff] Birmingham - PHP Developer (£30-40k) at Supercool


Supercool is a digital design agency, made up of a tight-knit team of designers and developers working on nice projects with nice people; mostly within the arts and cultural sector.

We’re looking for a talented full-stack PHP developer to join the team.

For full details and to apply have a look-see: https://supercool.qimple.com/jobs/php-developer-3040k/5836

Get in touch by Monday 20 June 2016
(All applications will remain confidential)


BTW if you have any questions or just want an informal chat about the role or Supercool – or both – feel free to get in touch with James: james@supercooldesign.co.uk


(Matt Machell) #3

Just to say, can confirm that Supercool are nice people. :slight_smile:


(Daniel Hollands) #4

Would you say they’re… super cool?


Why thank you, @Matt :thumbsup: – and thanks @LimeBlast for the Horatio/sunglasses move :joy: