[Looking for staff] Birmingham - PHP Developer (£30-40k) at JustSayPlease Ltd

(Jennifer Hendriksz) #1

Hi all,

We’re looking for another PHP Developer (Fullstack/Back-End skills preferred) to join our Comparison Development team (of which I am the Digital Project Manager):

About the role

We operate a number of comparison channels for partners, which are highly optimised websites in an ever-evolving industry, managed in conjunction with the partner’s in-house teams. We implement regular features, widgets, developments and optimisations to ensure the site is regarded as the best place to compare and find a deal.

We are working at the cutting-edge of comparison, developing and delivering new systems, websites, tools and customer journeys that shape the way that consumers find, compare and buy deals. You will be working within our Comparison Development Team to deliver these comparison websites, working closely with our Project Manager to fulfil our white-label client’s requests, as well as make suggestions on how to improve existing websites.

Working in an experienced and supportive team, you will utilise your skills across projects including the development of a bespoke content management system and comparison system built in PHP/MySQL, business intelligence software and tools, mobile and responsive web applications and the development of e-commerce platforms.

As the company grows, so will the platforms it uses to manage its comparison services. Convert, which is our affiliate partner platform, is being rebuilt and relaunched in 2016 and you will have the opportunity to support its development.

Skills and experience

The ideal candidate would be proficient in the following:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Version Control - Git / SVN
  • LAMP
  • Object Oriented Programming

It would be advantageous to have also have experience of:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Operating Linux web servers
  • Database optimisation
  • Security measures

Check out https://www.justsayplease.co.uk/careers/ for more details as well as how to apply - if you have any questions or want to discuss the role get in touch! jennifer@justsayplease.co.uk

(Jon) #2

I’m not looking, but to tempt people along (as well as for my curiosity), what are you doing to modernise your stack? For example, are you looking to use PHP7 or HHVM? Do you use any established frameworks, such as Symfony or Laravel?

I wonder whether some full-fat JS frameworks might help, such as Angular?

(The office looks nice!)

(Martin Meredith) #3

Hi! One of the devs here :slight_smile:

We’re currently running a well established, in house framework, which we’re looking to modernise alongside the rebuild/relaunch of our affilliate platform. We’re actually sitting down over the next few weeks to work out a strategy to modernise our codebase, so, at the moment, I’ve no idea where we’re going (although, we’ve made steps recently to make sure our complete codebase is PHP7 compatible).

Angular has been one of the things that I’ve suggested, but not sure how well it’d fit in right now (and/or how many internally have experience of it!)

(Jon) #4

Great, thanks @Mez! Also, if you can squash in devops and automated testing, that looks good as well. Those are a big plus for me.