[looking for staff] [Birmingham] Freelance iOS Developer

(Dom Barnes) #1

At my day job, we are looking to contract an iOS Developer for a short-term contract.

We run a SaaS and are looking for an iOS Developer (Obj-C ideally) to take on a short rebuild of an existing iPad only app for us. The app will be for adding new content to a users account, typically in the form of input from the camera roll, both it photos or video, and uploading to our API, as well as viewing a feed of users content and displaying it (much of this already exists), as well as some basic editing features (changing titles and description, some numerical options), and some user profile changes (upload profile photo, change name/email)

We run our own OAuth service using IdentityServer4, which connects to our own API build on .Net Core and hosted on Azure. There should be no need to do any backend changes with the API, but if this is required, we will undertake this.
OAuth login has already been built in the app, but the remaining needs to be done.

We anticipate this being a 3 week project. We all work remote so no need to come work in an office. We communicate through Slack, use git, Xcode, Fabric SDK, CocoaPods, AFNetworking, pretty standard stuff. You will need your own hardware.

We’re looking for someone who is interested in meeting myself and my director for a casual coffee to discuss this, go over the app requirements, give you a demo of the current app and the requirements for the new one.

If you’re interested and available between now and the end of April, please drop me an email dom@trilby.co.uk or drop a message below.