Looking for speakers for Sep 21

(Steadman) #1

So Mark’s on the scrounge again. I’ve been summarily let down by a couple of speakers so our numbers are down to 6. It’s very short notice I know, but would you be interested in speaking at Ignite Brum #4 on September 21st? You’ll be joining our @maxehmookau, @Jess and @mattpointblank so you’ll be in excellent company!

If you are, drop me a reply here or email events@ignitebrum.com. We’re looking for anything either from a geek or on a geek-adjacent topic. Nerdy is fine but DORK IS RIGHT OUT. :wink:

On the lineup we also have a botanical explorer who’s on a mission to eat every edible plant in existence, so it should be a colourful event!

All the talks are filmed and go to YouTube and ignitebrum.com/talks within a few days. The event’s free to attend and there’s always a good social afterwards.

Love and sandwiches,

(Stuart Langridge) #2

How long are the talks aimed to be? (Not promising anything…)

(Steadman) #3

Heya. They are exactly 5 minutes long (20 slides apiece, which automatically advance every 15 seconds).