Looking for help with visa/job knowledge

Hi, Im Israeli citizen, currently living in Zimbabwe. I work for the Zimbabwean salary service bureau, looking to move to the UK for a period of 1-3 years. My girlfriend starting to study in Coventry this year for her Masters. I’m Progress Openedge developer/dba (5 years ) with additional 3 years of practice in web app development (node.js react mongoDB etc). Is there is a chance a company will want to hire me with the visa troubles?


I’d say the Node/React stuff is likely to be more prevalent than Progress Openedge, which I confess I’ve not heard of. I see quite a lot of job board roles where they say a visa won’t be sponsored, but on Stack Overflow Jobs, I see a few jobs where a visa will be sponsored. So, it pays to look around.

Do you know exactly which visa you need, and is is essential that you are sponsored by a UK employer? Since you’re not in the EU, I should think the rules are different. I expect short term working visas are possible as well.

Hi, Thanks a lot for your replay. As far as my research shows my visa must be sponsored by UK employer. I’m allowed to stay in the UK for 180 days a year but Im not allowed to look for a job in this period of time.
I know Progress is a rare tech but I was thinking maybe it could help me (like a niche market), also it’s a British based technology.

Thanks for your advise about Stack Overflow.

Fair enough, OK. I’m afraid my knowledge of what employer sponsorship actually entails is non-existent :slightly_smiling_face:

Must you do all your job-hunting from abroad, then? That seems like an odd restriction, if you were planning on applying for something that would give you sponsorship anyway.

I look at the job boards nearly every day, and React comes up a fair bit, so you should be OK skills-wise. I expect you’d have to apply to permanent+sponsorship roles though - presumably you would not be allowed to set up a Limited Company in order to go for contract positions?

Yep, odd indeed but for interviews and such I think I’m free to come. what about a offshore company? a freelancer must be registered in the UK?
as for the job hunt I will take your advise and also look for international companies, especially ones who are operating in Israel too.

I’m a freelancer with my own UK company, and I think whenever I have been placed by a recruiter, they’ve needed my passport, so I assume it is about the right to work. But, I don’t know exactly what the restrictions are - they would be detailed on for sure.

Hi @Ido_Avidan, I hadn’t heard of it, either. Have you looked at this list of UK partners?

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