Looking for help moving a project forward

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a project for the last 5 years that is nearing (code) completion. In order to move things forward, I need to move into some areas I am not familiar with - marketing, business strategies etc. So before explaining by project, I’d like to explain what I am looking for.

I would like to meet individuals with strong experience in business, marketing and would be great to meet someone with a successful history of writing bids. I can contribute to any of these areas, but cannot be the driver for them so to speak. Another thing: I cannot offer to pay anyone; however, if anyone can bring skills to the table, I can offer to partner with them and hopefully we can all profit from working together. My company has invested over £200K in this project and now it is time to turn it into something that can be used by others.

The project I’ve developed is a Surveillance Integration Framework (SIF), capable of integrating with many different surveillance devices (CCTV, GPS trackers etc.) and is used to integrate data (image, audio, video, GPS, PIR, among others) to provide a 3C (communication, command, control) view over a large area. Integrating off the shelf equipment is only a part of it; it also has a REST API so that you can create your own custom devices that can post their own data. It also has text and automated voice control built in, so users can receive alerts when (for example) a device moves into or out of a pre-defined geographical zone, a PIR alert is registered, or an image contains a given car registration plate. Users can also be notified if a device stops working and goes offline. Face detection and recognition are also planned for late summer. The application is presented via a web site where users log in to view their data. There’s no public space for this yet. The application was developed after working with several civil organisations.

The project was initially designed to target rural crime, with the intent of setting up remote devices that would all report to a centralised hub.

Although it’s been developed with surveillance in mind, it actually lends itself well to environmental monitoring - it would not take long to develop endpoints to monitor temperature, gases (CO2 etc.), humidity, movement/acceleromter detection - in fact, anything that can be monitored and converted to digital can be incorporated.

I’d love to give a presentation giving more details at some point, or to hear from any of you that have any advice or would like to know more.

Hope to chat to you all soon,



I forgot to say…

If there’s anyone with hardware (as in soldering,putting equipment together, creating ‘novel’ boxes for them, to include protection from outside elements), as well as mains installation//hooking up of equipment, embedded hardware knowledge and software development for said devices, I’d like to hear from you and perhaps have a chat!

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