Looking for Full Stack developer based around PHP, JS, Bootstrap to work in Leamington Spa


One Team Working - http://www.oneteamworking.com

We are looking for a Full Stack developer to come and join an exciting new company working in providing ecosystems that help people speak out safely and securely.

The Full Stack Developer will be working initially to further develop the backend management Web Browser interface to manage customer configurations and to allow customers to manage their own users and configuration.

The FSD role will be multi-discipline and is a great opportunity in team development (in-house and off-shore) within a growing company.

The technologies employed are:
AWS EC2 - LAMP based for API implementations. Other instances for MySQL databases, AWS certification for SSL/TLS, ESB, VPN for office connectivity and management
PHP/Bootstrap/JS (and other plugins where necessary)
Bitbucket for repository and version management

We are based on agile manifesto principles to employ Lean Startup

As we grow then we will look for the FSD to take an active role in developing the in-house agile methodologies along with the CTO.

We are an Apple house and so the FSD will be developing using a MacOS environment.

Other technologies employed within the company are:
Cordova (Phonegap as was)
Android Studio/xcode/visual studio code

Salary is £30,000 to £45,000 DOE

So if you are a talented Developer who writes great code who wants: the opportunity to be a significant member of a team that is building World Class products; to make a difference to people who deserve the right to speak out safely and securely; to disrupt; to succeed; to grow; then contact us.

Send your CV to together@oneteamworking.com putting in the Subject line
[Birmingham.io] [Full Stack Developer Role]

If you have any questions email the same address.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you interested.

(Andy Wootton) #2

Phonegap still exists, as a service to build Cordova apps. They just made Apache responsible for independent guardianship of the open source components, A good move IMO.

(Jon) #3

Sounds like an interesting product. Is it just my wonky browser, or is the FAQ missing some information? I get a bunch of:

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Thanks for letting me know. We used to have a series of PDF’s which are being incorporated into the website. I will chase the person doing it so that they will be available as soon as possible.