[Looking for freelancer] Laravel developer

(Sara Guo) #1

Hi there,

I’m Sara, account director at Xin Marketing (https://www.xinmarketing.com/). We are a marketing agency based in Birmingham. We recently plan to build a marketing services ‘freelancer/small agency’ marketplace, like a small version of Upwork. And we plan to use Laravel as it seems can build the platform at a lower cost unless there are better solutions.

The solution selection is listed below:

  1. Market selection
  2. Contract case management and tracking
  3. Fund management
    a. Payment gateway
    b. Fund Inventory management
    c. Accounting system
  4. Analytics
  5. Multi-language selection

I am able to share the full brief privately after you signed up the Mutual-Non-Disclosure-And-Non-Circumvention-Agreement with us. We anticipate this being a 3 months project. We all work remotely so no need to come work in an office.

If you’re interested, please drop me an email sara.guo@xinmarketing.com or drop a message below.

(Andy Wootton) #2

Full disclosure: I don’t know Laravel and I learned everything I now about marketing in the last 2 days but: from my position of ignorance, those sound like fairly standard components that you could buy cheaper than you could get them developed from scratch. One of my virtual hats says, “Business Analyst” on it and I morphed into a Scrum Product Owner. You need a good PO who understands your market. That is an analytical job, not technical and you may have someone internally who can do it, with help from a really good dev but your list looks like a functional specification of a perceived solution rather than a definition of the business problems you urgently need to solve.

Is this platform going to be a USP? Unless the whole platform is, I’d think about which are the components that will be key differentiators between you and other marketing agencies and concentrate on building those custom components, attached to a solid base. In this market place you intend to build, are their other companies, probably your competitors in other areas, who would co-operate and share development costs? Could you lead an open source project and put in development for the standard stuff with interfaces to your own secret spells?

As an agilist, I’d think of your 3 months as 6 fortnights and work out what working software you might reasonably expect to have delivered after 2 weeks and after 4 weeks, before you sit down with a developer to work out what they think is possible. That way, if you are going to be disappointed with what you get after 3 months. you’ll know after 2 weeks and can ‘pivot’ or stop.

(Sara Guo) #3

Thank you for the advice Andy.

We’ve done the business analyst side and unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to say much in general. We would pass the full brief to someone who has signed the Mutual-Non-Disclosure-And-Non-Circumvention-Agreement with us. And yes, we work in an agile way as well.

For what I can say is that we need a web designer/developer who can build the platform based on existing components on Lavarel unless he/she has better suggestions.

Welcome for more question here or through emails.

(Jon) #4

A quick tip, in case it’s helpful:

NDAs can sometimes be more trouble than they’re worth. Freelancers that speak with you may find themselves legally unable to work on a somewhat-similiar-ish project they ideated independently, even if you end up not working with them, and some folks may regard that as a risk to their business. In any case, I rather like the aphorism that “ideas are worthless”, since 99% of success is about execution, business agility and persistence. I cheerfully give all my ideas away.

Having a non-compete clause in your freelancer contract is a good idea though, and freelancers would probably consider it less of a risk from their side.

(Sara Guo) #5

Thank you for the advice. It is useful. We will discuss it. :slight_smile: