Looking for a partner/someone that can kick me up the ass

I’m looking for someone that can work on a couple of projects with me.

The person doesn’t necessarily need to be technical, and there may in fact be an advantage to them being someone with skills in areas that I lack (say design, promotion, general business sense, etc…) but I’m happy to talk with anyone with ambition.

The projects in question are Unknown Tales and the as-yet unnamed GPS project. If deemed viable, I’m aiming at these both being commercial ventures (potentially dipping my toe into the whole start-up world), so there could be financial gain, which I’m willing to split equally (for equal input) with the right person.

If you’re keen on being part of something awesome, let me know.

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I would love to be a part, also I’m probably not the most tech savvy or w/e but maybe you could be a mentor and we could work together. PM me if your interested.


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Good stuff, I’ve sent you a private message :smile:

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