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Hi all, this is my first post on, so a quick intro about me - I’m a freelance .NET developer based near Redditch. In the past I’ve worked at a few software companies in Stratford-upon-Avon and Solihull.

I wanted to share a side-project I recently launched -

At the moment localScope is a job aggregator for developer jobs across Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. It only lists jobs that are direct with the employer, so no recruitment agencies. The aim of the site is to make it quicker and easier to discover developer jobs in your local area.

So why another jobs site?

  1. To provide a single place to find the majority of jobs. I think far more companies are hiring directly now (or at least accepting direct applications in addition to referrals from recruiters), but job adverts seem to be scattered all over. Some companies are only advertising in one or two places and that may be their own website, Indeed, LinkedIn, TotalJobs, CWJobs, Reed, Stack Overflow Jobs etc.

  2. To provide more information up-front for job searchers. I haven’t done much in this area yet other than a basic company page with links to Google Maps, LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor etc. Ideally it would also include details such as holiday, working hours, flexi-time, remote working, benefits, team culture, type of work etc.

I appreciate this may only benefit certain job seekers, as I assume some experienced developers are able to move jobs based on their connections.

Hopefully some people find it useful and any feedback you have would be appreciated


Hi Alex, welcome. I want to test one of your assumptions. I agree that it would be great (in some ways) if there was only one of everything but why would your competitors allow that to be your site? Is there any way you could cooperate with your local competitors rather than compete? This is sometimes done by having shared (preferably open) data standards and competing on quality of service or additional features, so that the whole market grows and your ‘share of the pie’ is bigger than it would have been with a smaller pie. e.g. email providers before Gmail. The other way is to not make any money out of it, like the Birmingham tech calender, so nobody wants to compete :slight_smile:

Hi Andy,

At the moment there are no plans to monetise it, maybe one day

I don’t think there are any local competitors, are you referring to potential future ones? If it made sense to share data I’d consider it, but at the moment there are no additional services or features, so the data is all I have to offer

There are several agencies, good and bad. Ideally, to be a one-stop-shop for Brum developers, you’d want them to register their jobs too but they wouldn’t want to let anyone make direct approaches, particularly other recruiters. Is there any way they could ‘stake a claim’ to a job and companies that advertise through agencies could specify the only agencies they would accept applications through?

I don’t consider this to be in competition with recruitment agencies, but if they did list all of their vacancies online stating the company name up-front, then I think that would be great for job searchers. It’s unlikely to happen though for the reasons you already mentioned.

I’ve seen a couple of examples of this recently though, here’s one:

Including these types of vacancies would increase the job coverage but I’d have to drop the “Apply direct to the employer” selling point - something I’ll have to consider.

Good job. One minor irritation. When clicking on the ‘contact’ link, I don’t expect it to fire up my mail client. I’d recommend having a contact page, or simply replacing it with a linked email address.

Hi Philip, thanks for the feedback, I’ll get a contact page added soon

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