Let's Build something using Laravel

(Daniel Hollands) #21

Nope, still unable to access the gitter page. It’s in my list each time I’m added, but as soon as I try visiting it, it conks out, saying I don’t have permission.

(Jon) #22

How weird. Maybe go to your Github applications page, remove Gitter, and resign up?

(Daniel Hollands) #23

So, instead of doing what you’ve suggested, I instead removed myself from the organisation… Can someone add me back into the Owners list please? :blush:

(Jon) #25

Done, from the GitHub page:

You’ve invited Daniel Hollands to Let’s Build Something! They’ll be
receiving an email shortly. They can also visit
https://github.com/Lets-Build-Something to accept the invitation.

(Daniel Hollands) #26

Thanks for the invite, still no joy… maybe we should use Slack instead?

UPDATE: hold the press, it just started working :confused:

(Jon) #27

Yay! :sunny:

If you get another hiccup, try another browser. And then turn the computer off and on again!

(Daniel Hollands) #28


  • What is your github username?
  • What is your Trello username?

If you let us know, we can get your added to the github org, the trello team, and into gitter chat.

(Umbertix) #29

Sorry for replying soo late, but I’ve been “out of the grid” for a week, but I’m back now.

Trello account: @umbertp
Github account: umbertix

(Jon) #30

I’ve just invited you to the group on GitHub, welcome!

I’ll see if Gitter needs a kick… hmm, I think this needs you to accept the GitHub invitation first, @umbertix. The ‘Add person’ menu item on the right says ‘Umbertix does not have permission to join this room’ when I try to add you.

(Daniel Hollands) #31

And I’ve added you to the Trello team.

(Jon) #32

@umbertix: the Gitter invite worked this time - I think you needed to be part of the GH org.

(Nav33d) #33

@LimeBlast @halfer Can I be part of this project?

(Jon) #34

Fine with me - @LimeBlast? We’re using LimeBlast’s flat for the time being as a meetup point, and our next meeting is this evening at 7. LimeBlast will invite you to the private thread if it’s OK - I don’t want to be inviting folks to someone else’s house! :smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #35

The more the merrier. I’ll pm you my address.

(Jon) #36

@umbertix and @Nav33d would you sign up for Gitter? Some project updates/chat is going on there.

(Jon) #37

It’s been four or so months since we started this project, and after a fashion, we’re still going. We’ve not quite made the progress we were hoping for - a difficulty with finding the time for all of us.

Here’s a snapshot of the wireframes we’ve come up with.

@umbertix and I wrote some tests together earlier this week, and I think we might find that “pair programming” sessions are a good way to get things done. Previously we were relying on people doing solo homework tasks, which requires a fair bit of self-control!

We also have @Nav33d in our group, which makes three members. Daniel and Grant had to drop out, which means that we have room for one or two more people to join us. We’re at the early stage of writing functional phpUnit tests against a wireframe spec, so there’s plenty to do - of course after the tests we’ll be starting implementation.

So, if there’s anyone here who’d like to learn some Laravel alongside some other friendly folks, please ping us on this thread, or me by private message.

(Abhinay Khoparzi) #38

Hi All,

Looks like this thread is still active after a fashion :slight_smile:

Is anyone from this crew coming to the pub crawl today? I’d love to get involved and an offline on boarding will be the best thing.

(Jon) #39

Hi @khoparzi - I’m not able to come to the pub today, sadly! However if you can get to the JQ or city centre at some point, I’ll happily walk you through where we are up to. Sunday afternoons are usually good for me.

(Welcome to the board. Don’t forget to pop over to the Introductions thread to say hi to everyone!)