Let's Build something using Laravel

As discussed at the Laravel meetup last night, there appears to be some interest in an auxiliary group formed of people who want to use Laravel to work on a (number of) project(s) together, so I want to use this thread to start organising it.

I think, in the first instance, we need to have an initial meeting to sit down and bash out some ideas.

To work out the best date for this (which I think should be next week) I’ve created a Doodle to let people state their availability. I think if we asked @pburrows nicely he might let us use his office again - but I don’t think this is a requirement, and could probably get on just as well at a pub in town somewhere central.

I also think it’s worth using this thread to submit ideas for the initial project, so when we do meet, each of us will have an idea of what people are thinking, allowing us to cut straight to the chase.

My idea is that of a pair programming portal. This is something I’ve discussed here before, and have a bunch of user stories already created for it from a first attempt at building it - but if we did choose this one, we’d start again from scratch, and of course I’m very open to additional ideas.

But I’m also interested in what ideas you have, so put your thinking caps on, and if you have an idea, post about it below.

Anyway, subscribe to this thread for updates, remember to let us know your availability, and post your ideas for project below.

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As I said yesterday I’m more than interested in just building something in Laravel, mostly just for the fun and to learn. The project that @LimeBlast is proposing is completely fine to me, even tho I do have another idea.

Just to put you in track the app would be basically aiming to solve a silly problem that I do have right now, find a partner for a sport (in my case rock climbing). So basically the idea would be to be able to find people to meet on a day and place, plus adding the specifics of the sport (which level of …) . It’s just a basic idea and I would be more than fine getting on any project even if it’s not my idea.

Once said that I think that we definitely need to meet 1 day and just have a nice brainstorming and make a decision. and see if we can get some traction on the group.

Thx Daniel for starting the group :wink:


Heh, I made a start on a pair programming portal based on Laravel last week. What’re the odds? :smiley_cat:

I didn’t get very far with it; it was partly an excuse to try Cloud9, and partly a need to learn a new framework that seems in demand at the moment. Also, I rather admired a (now defunct) London start-up Askadev, which offered a very simple mentor pairing platform, and upon which the plug was pulled without explanation earlier this year.

The plan I had - which I am sure coders here will do a much better job of - was basically to replicate Askadev. This was a simple messaging platform to help beginners and veterans find each other, and to let them sort out mentoring at their own pace. Optionally users could specify a Cloud 9 link to invite each other to a pair coding session on that platform.

I’ll take a peek at your user stories, to see if I can offer any other ideas, Daniel.


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I’m really keen to get involved in this. One of the goals I set myself at the start of this year was to take part in a collaborative project with a view to learning new things from other developers.

I really like the pair programming idea. I’ve seen mentoring things but I really prefer the idea of “pair” programming as it doesn’t have to feel like a “student and teacher” relationship.

Finding a partner for sports activities is also a great idea so I feel that the site should be coded with a view to making it just a “pairing” system. That way it can be used for finding a partner for any activity (giggity).

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days for me to meet but I can do Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays aren’t an option unfortunately.

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Thank you.

The stories we have so far were put together by @omarqureshi, @pitkost and myself - they’re heavily focused toward building the platform as part of Birmingham.IO, but I can see an extended scope for this, and think limiting it to just B.IO would be a mistake.

You’re not the only one to have mentioned this, so this seems like it needs to be an important factor of the project - but do you think that might be off putting for newer developers, or ones with imposter syndrome? I guess part of the development process would allow us to answer questions like this.

OK, I’ve just closed the poll, and seeing as Tuesday is the only day that we’re all available, lets do it then.

Seeing as it’s just the three of us, how about we just meet at my flat? I’ll send you both a PM with my address.

Hey Daniel, I´m sorry but next week I can´t do it either Tuesday or Thursday :frowning: . Any other day would be fine for me tho. Sry for any inconvinience.

I know that @grantjames is still coming on Tuesday, I’m not sure about @halfer (I suspect not). Maybe it’s worth getting started with just the two of us. What do you think, @grantjames? Or shall we wait for @umbertix (and maybe @halfer)?

Morning @LimeBlast and all - apologies for delay in replying.

I can do Tuesday, and I’d love to come along to help brainstorm. My minor reticence is that I’ve barely spent any time with Laravel, though I imagine the need will be a spur to learning it! I’ll come along :smile:

Im happy to wait until more people are free. I’m keen to get started but I also don’t want people to get left behind so I think it’s quite important to have everyone present for at least the first meeting.

Lets stick with Tuesday - we can make a start with some ideas, and will keep this thread updated with whatever we decide - @umbertix, if want to make any suggestions, you’re welcome to do so here.

I’m not sure that a lot will necessarily get sorted during the first meet, but it’s important that we have the first meeting, else we run the risk of losing our momentum.

So, @halfer and @grantjames, I’ll see you both tomorrow at 7 - I’ll PM you all my phone number in case there are any issues. @umbertix, we’ll keep you informed.

@everyone else - it’s not too late to get involved in this :smile:

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@LimeBlast I would love to be able to do it but since next week I´ll be on a little holidays I think that the best is you guys carry on without me, and I´ll join later on.


OK guys, so that we can start on a level playing field, I suggest that we all try to getting homestead installed before this evening. I highly doubt we’ll actually start coding anything tonight, as the main focus will be on that of planning and tooling, and as homestead is one of the tools we’ll be using, it’ll pay to get it up and running.

Don’t worry if you’re unable to complete this for whatever reason, as we can fix whatever problems might arise this evening - but at least try kicking off the process before you get to my place, as my internet connection sucks.

@halfer and @grantjames have just left, so I figured I’d post a quick update as to what we discussed:

  • We’ve decided to call the group Let’s Build Something.

  • We’ve set up a Trello organisation.

  • We’ve set up a Github organisation.

  • We’ve set up a Gitter chat channel (although, I personally am having some trouble accessing it).

  • We’ve decided that our first project is going to be a hybrid of the previously discussed Pair Programming Portal idea, and the now defunct Ask A Dev site.

  • We’re going to use Homestead as our development environment (although you’re free to develop in your own environment, such as Cloud 9 or other, but any issues to solve will be your own).

  • We’re going to be agile, focusing on individual user stories, building them using BDD, and getting feedback from users before enhancing and/or moving onto something new.

  • We’re going to meet roughly every two weeks, with our next meet being at 7PM on Tuesday 18th August.

I think that’s about it, did I miss anything?

Suggestion: It is sometimes useful to have a 3rd ‘so that’ section to your user-stories that specifies what ‘business’ value the idea will deliver, as a description rather than a monetary figure. Sometimes its obvious, so it’s optional.

Scrum calls your ‘Inbox’ a ‘Backlog’

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… Though now I think about it, if you had a prioritised backlog then an Inbox for new ideas that needed prioritising later might be A Thing.

Q: if you are being agile then are you following a process with fixed length iterations? If so, what length to each deliverable product?

Is that not a SCRUM specific thing? Or is that all agile?

We discussed the idea of 2 weeks, with us having a meeting every 2 weeks to discuss what has been done, and work out what needs to be done next.

‘Agile’ is a manifesto. Being agile is a state of mind. Scrum is a framework/self-build with some actual things you can do and gaps to fill in. It’s become pretty useless ‘as a word’ tbh, hence my question. This week I’m tending to think: Big Design Up Front, project, plan (Waterfall) or iterative/deliver in chunks (Scrummish) or continuous/deliver each feature (Lean) but I’m agile, so ask me again next week. You could also easily find experts who disagree with me. Things are fluid.

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@LimeBlast - didja get access to the Gitter page?

I’ve got a repo with pretty much all the tools we need, and a README. I’ll finish it off with a demo functional test today or tomorrow.

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