Learning electronics meetup - any interest?

As most of the regulars here probably know, I’ve recently taken an interest in electronics and the maker scene.

Initially spurred on by the release of the Raspberry Pi Zero, and later enforced by learning about things like the Arduino (and other such things), in addition to learning more about the maker scene by preparing to survive the zombie apocalypse - I’m also interested in learning pure electronics - that is, how to design and build my own circuits.

It’s this later category of things which has spurred me onto making this post, to find out if there would be any uptake on an electronics meetup group?

This is still a virgin idea right now, but my feeling is it could be run monthly as a learning experience - coming together to learn the basics via a bunch of tutorials and other resources I’ve gathered, and maybe later move onto some of the more advanced stuff as we progress.

I can see there being a small cost associated to cover the price of the materials and equipment needed, but this should be very small, at least to start with as we learn the basics.

Anyway, I’m just putting the feelers out there - if this sounds interesting to you, please do make a comment below. :slight_smile:


Does this relate well to the ambitions of Rebel Makers? It sounds like an ‘academic stream’ for those like me who don’t learn as well by experience as by understanding what’s going on.

Sounds great. The only thing that would stop me going would be my free time ( or lack of ). Is it worth looking at one of the Birmingham maker-spaces to see if they can host ( and possibly rent equipment out ? )


I don’t know, what do you think @phazonoverload? I get the impression that most of the Rebel Makers stuff is aimed at children, whereas I was aiming this more at older folk looking for an evening past time.

Oh for sure, I just need an idea of numbers first. If I asked nicely, I’m sure the Eagle labs would let me host it there. Although, at this point, most of the equipment needed would be things like breadboards, 9v batteries, and a handful of components, all of which can probably be obtained from Maplin for a few quid a pop.

I was talking to @gabysslave about #rebelmakerscamp at Brum Social Media and they seem to have had a change of direction after they realised the sensei/student model was breaking down because young people have so much to teach us :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely get involved. I just need to make sure my calendar knows about it in advance, otherwise I’ll no doubt be in London on the dates!

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Rebel Makers Camp is full unless you are a small. Next monthly club in JQ is 19 Nov which you discover when you try to register.

I’d be really interested in guided sessions. As in, somebody who knows what they’re doing leading the session in the style of “Today we’re going to learn about …”. I’d be up for that and willing to pay a reasonable price for materials and instruction.

While my initial idea didn’t quite fit this mold, I agree that something like this would be awesome, as ultimately this is what I’d like as well. It’s not outside the realm of possibility either, as I’m sure that if enough of us got together, we’d be able to make this a reality.

Although I’m still keen on the idea of an evening meetup on a monthly basis, maybe it could start with a one-off day-long session such as you’ve suggested?

I’ll start pulling some strings to see if can be arranged in this area. Maybe someone here knows such a person?

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@LimeBlast Happy to donate my (lightly used) Arduino kit to this initiative.

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@LimeBlast definitely not just aimed at children, never has been. We’re working hard on our narrative, but I think it’s going to be a long-term thing as we came from the space of working for YRS, which was just young people.

We are very receptive to running a more hobbyist evening thing if there’s demand - just let us know. If you want to run an evening workshop as part of a Rebel Makers Club in our office, let us know <3

@Woo you’ll find more tickets for everyone. Was an error when I set it up - sorry! More tickets for all! <3 <3

We did play around with guided workshops at the Rebel Makers Club in the JQ, we decided to stop because of capacity, but if anyone wants to run something, ping us <3

Thanks @phazonoverload. I was VERY disappointed when it wouldn’t accept me.

I’m all signed up and dragging my son (29) along too. He’d be a film-maker/editor if he wasn’t so anti-social. I’ve put him down as my grown-up to make him come :slight_smile:

May be worth you directing your post to Mike (Recantha) Horne for all things RPi. See blog here…

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Ah @LimeBlast - I found the thread :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help ‘facilitate’ something. I guess it needs a space where you can wield a soldering iron…

Or just breadboard stuff.

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Hey Dave, thanks.

For what it’s worth, I’m also having a chat with a guy called Roger about a similar arrangement, so it seems that, between all of us, if we find a suitable resource to base it on, then we’ve got a stew going :slight_smile:

As for exact what the session/s will be like, right now I don’t know. I think we can probably begin with some breadboard stuff, and maybe base it on Pirates Electronics, or maybe the Instructables Electronics class?

I met with Roger today, and he’s up for helping run an initial session, maybe sometime in late January.

We were talking about using the session to have everyone build something like an atari punk console for themselves, and using that as a launchpad for learning about the components which go into it.

We’d work out the cost of buying in the components needed, split it between the attendees, and have folk like Roger and @DaveDev offer any support that might be needed.

It won’t be a structured class, as such, but should be a fun opportunity to do something different.

How does this sound?

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