Leaning chair ? Standing desk?

(Daniel Hollands) #21

To the using-shelves-as-a-standing-desk folk (cc: @rythie), what selves do you have?

I’m looking at doing a similar set-up, specifically using this bookshelf from Argos, but I’m concerned it might not be quite deep enough to comfortably fit my laptop.

I’m also interested in what hight you’ve for the laptop shelf at - I guess this answer depends on how tall you are mind…

(Andy Wootton) #22

I don’t think that’s going to work. Your feet need to go forward of your hands, so under it and you want to be about an arm’s length from the screen. If you lean on the held of your hands, you don’t want the laptop past the edge.

And: stand wearing comfortable shoes. Bend elbows at 90 degrees to the front. Let finger tips drop slightly below wrists. That minus thickness of keyboard.

The original Aldi £5 Lack on a desk design I found, had an adjustable shelf bracket attached to the front legs of the Lack but I didn’t need it.

Also: as I just didn’t get my own ‘joke’, Pi Lack = Pi rack. Obviously it doesn’t “equal” it, as a Pi Rack is one particular Clustered-Pi configuration.

(Steve Jalim) #23

re shelves - unless the shelf protrudes more than the bookcase sides, I’d bet you’re gonna have an uncomfortable time, partic with a laptop there, as you’ll need enough angle to tilt the screen back, surely?

But, more to the point: am seriously risking losing Self-aware Hipster Points as everyone realises that sit-stand working is better than sit-all-day working.

Time to take it to the next level: deploy the wobble board! https://vine.co/v/etYKbirDAY7

(Richard Cunningham) #24

My shelves are from IKEA, I think they are the “Billy” ones. Though as I said before I didn’t buy them for this purpose, and I’d consider a dedicated desk instead.

I use an external keyboard, which means the it’s closer to the edge than the built in one on most laptops, also it means I can have the screen higher up. I haven’t had any issues with my feet at base of the bookcase. I have the laptop screen at head height so I don’t have to look down, I use books to get a finer adjustment (see picture).

Recently, however I’ve just been using it at my desk with an external monitor, because I want the extra screen area to process photos (and habit to some extent, since that’s where the laptop normally lives)

(Daniel Hollands) #25

How about we take this one (or many) steps further:

(Colin Smith) #26

That’s fine for her, but I’m male and can’t multi-task.

(Daniel Hollands) #27

(Pauline Roche) #28

We have standing desks at the Impact Hub if anyone would like to come and have a look - they seem to get used a bit less often than some of the other desks and tables, with the most popular ones being those in the area between the front door and the cafe

(Colin Smith) #29

Hi Pauline, would that be these two on either side of the room? They look like they’re fixed height, which wouldn’t be the right height for everyone. Personally I’d be looking for an electrically adjustable job like the one in LimeBlast’s treadmill pic. I wouldn’t be able to stand all day.

(Andy Wootton) #30

I’ve noticed OpenDesk have a design for a Lift, adjustable height standing desk https://www.opendesk.cc/designs

(Daniel Hollands) #31

I was able to spend a good few hours at a standing desk during Hackference last weekend, and I think I like it. I don’t think I could manage it all the time (at least, not right away), but I’d be up for getting something like it set-up for my next office.