Leaning chair ? Standing desk?

(Colin Smith) #1

I’ve just had the leaning chair concept brought to my attention. I’m not convinced about that myself but interesting nonetheless. I’ve been thinking about a standing desk for a while for the health benefits they provide, does anyone here use one? I’ve been dropping hints at work about electrically adjustable standing desks but it’s not getting me very far at the moment, probably because of the price.

(Daniel Hollands) #2

This is something that I’d like to try. I’m not sure how I’d get on with it long term - who knows, it could revolutionise my life - but it’s a bit too out there for a punt.

I’d like to get a walking desk myself.

(Andy Wootton) #3

I bought the cheapest Ikea coffee table and put it on half my desk so I can sit or stand. It was from an on-line hack where you put a shelf for the keyboard, a bit like this http://www.cjfritsch.com/ikea-stand-up-desk/ but I’m 6’1" and the table happened to be the right height. I find my legs burn if I stand all day but my back enjoys the change. Hairdressers get varicose veins through standing all day and probably don’t pull so many all-nighters.


Mine is black. They are basically made of plasticised card over a cardboard core but they’ll take a 17" CRT without complaint and can be carried with 2 fingers.

(Colin Smith) #4

That’s a good low budget solution, I’ve actually got a nest of coffee tables like that, I’ll give it a go later.
From what I’ve read about standing desks it’s recommended that you spend some time standing and some sitting, I don’t think many people could hack standing all day, I certainly couldn’t.

(Daniel Hollands) #5

I think if I had a standing desk, and followed the idea of half standing, half sitting, I’d probably go to both extremes in each case - that is, if I’m not standing while working, I’ll be practically horizontal on my sofa while working.

(Andy Wootton) #6

As I like in bed reading this, I realise my wrist is aching from holding the weight of my tablet.

Did the Romans have a lot of back problems?

(Richard Cunningham) #7

I made one at home by taking a shelf out of a bookcase, it cost me nothing because I already had everything I needed.

I can use it for a couple of hours, after that I either need a break or just take the laptop back to my desk. I haven’t been using this as much recently though and don’t have anything setup for work.

(Colin Smith) #8

Do you think you’ve benefited from doing it?

(Richard Cunningham) #9

Yes, it helps me concentrate better and improves my posture. Also, I find myself walking away from the keyboard when thinking of ideas, much more than I would do if sitting.

(Steve Jalim) #10

@PosthumanPat I’ve been using an electrically adjustable sit-stand desk for around five years now. It’s still one of the very best hardware purchases I’ve made.

Colleagues have made their own standing setups with tables, drinks cans and all kinds of interesting hacks, and that seems to work for them, but I’ve always been happy with my choice (which I funded myself, as I’m self employed).

The key aspect, for me, is that everything moves at once - keyboard, laptop, mouse, external displays, coffee, water - in just a few seconds. So, when I get the urge to change from sitting or standing, it’s easy to stay in flow.

FWIW (and while it was a few years ago) the desk worked out less than a couple of days’ billing, and has been faultless since (even though a few office moves. It’s not light, though!). I got mine from http://www.nielsen-associates.co.uk/sit-stand/, if that helps.

WARNING: Please avert your eyes if you have cable-tidyness OCD:

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(Colin Smith) #11

@stevejalim, that’s exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about, electrically adjustable to suit either standing or sitting. The nielsen gear looks really good and it obviously gets the thumbs up from you.
I think I’d be encouraged to tidy the wiring up though. Nice setup.

(Steve Jalim) #12

Cheers. :o) The only thing I haven’t nailed is a 100% comfy mat to stand on - it can definitely help. I use a triple-folded yoga mat most of the time, and it’s… okay, but a couple of colleagues swear by proper ‘standing mats’

(Andy Wootton) #13

In this week at Aldi: packs of floor tiles for children’s play areas. We had some for temporary bathroom flooring and its still there because it’s so nice to stand on. Not in heels :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #14

You’re all making these things sound really tempting. When I finally have enough money for a home of my own, I think a adjustable standing/sitting desk might be my first gift to the house.

@stevejalim how long does it take to switch between standing and sitting positions?

(Steve Jalim) #15

Just timed it: 13 secs

(Andy Wootton) #16

I can do it in 2s. I stand up and move half a desk right. £5. The original estimate was $22.

My standup machine is a Raspberry Pi 2 with browser. It’s my Pi Lack. (Sorry)

Btw. You only lose about a square foot of desk. I keep my laser printer under the Pi Lack.

(Daniel Hollands) #17

I’m guessing you just have a laptop without lots of cables and such? I’d not be able to get away with that myself, way too much on my desk.

(Andy Wootton) #18

Ya think? https://twitter.com/WooTube/status/615829680428613632

Obviously I disorganised that specially, for comedy effect. :-/

(Daniel Hollands) #19

Hhmm… I think I’d rather have a desk that goes up and down.

(Andy Wootton) #20

@LimeBlast So would I but you can’t buy them for £5, with a 0W energy rating. 2 people can work at once. Split-level pair-programming.