Launch of Tech Nation Cyber 1.0

(Naomi Watts) #1

Calling all cyber security companies!
We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new sector-specific growth programme Tech Nation Cyber, tailor-made to help ambitious companies in the cyber security sector to scale. Applications are open now and I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can.

(Andy Wootton) #2

I’d like a better understanding of the difference between ‘the cyber security sector’ and ‘information security’, which I once had in my job title. I wanted ‘information risk management’ but we had a Risk Management department, which I wasn’t in. We also had a Security Officer who was only interested in physical security, so I’m not claiming our model was optimal :slight_smile:

I found but it didn’t help much.

(Naomi Watts) #3

Good point @Woo the terms aren’t very clear out in the real world. For the purpose of this programme, we’re looking for B2B or B2C companies whose technology enables “the protection of devices, services and networks - and the information on them - from theft or damage”

(Mitesh Parmar) #4

Sounds like someone/company that understands ISO27001

(Andy Wootton) #5

I was more BS7799. I don’t understand why ISO only adopted half of it. Part 2 doesn’t make sense on it’s own.

I was made Information Security Officer for E.ON Energy Trading so I had to work out what that was. I used BS7799 as my guide and replaced the departmental policies with a page of HTML. It was my transition job from a techie to the ‘people person’ you see before you now :slight_smile: I realised my transferable skill wasn’t knowledge of a high-availability OS but analytical thinking that I could apply to business problems.

My biggest lesson was that information and human ignorance about where value lies and their personal responsibilities to protect it are the real problem, not the ‘devices, services and networks’. People throw money at “solutions” without understanding their problem. German has 2 words for ‘technology’. ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ means ‘forward through technique’ but us Brits didn’t pick that from the Audi posters: the message to German workers was that methods, processes and product knowledge bake in quality. Toyota deliberately misled the West about Lean too.

I think I’m saying it isn’t the “cyber” we need to secure, so take care not to miss a huge hole in the market that was very poorly serviced. I’m a few years out of date so maybe things have changed.

(Mitesh Parmar) #6

Completely agree!

People forget threats from people who work at companies, ex-employee’s, etc.
Security isn’t just about product, but business processes.

I’ve recently only started to look into this.