Laravel Developer Meetup in Birmingham

(Kevin Carmody) #41

That was a pleasant event. Nice to meet you all.

(Stuart Langridge) #42

So? How did it go? A writeup of what was discussed would be cool for those of us who didn’t make it…

(Daniel Hollands) #43

@pburrows was broadcasting via Periscope, so if we ask nicely, he might upload the video to YouTube.

For the most part, it was a round table discussion about what Laravel is, how it differs from WordPress/Symphony/Rails, how cool Composer is, what the different PSR standards are, a brief description of the difference between TDD and BDD, ideas for future meets, and, uummm, pizza.

(Nav33d) #44

Did we end up deciding on agenda?

Thank you for stickers.

(Daniel Hollands) #45

Not yet, I don’t think, but if we have a think about topics for future sessions, we can work out who should give them. I’ll start:

  • Installing Laravel
  • Using Composer
  • Homestead
  • October CMS
  • TDD - a practical session

(Nav33d) #46

@LimeBlast You mentioned about developing a Laravel project during meet-up as a way of learning but didn’t mention what is it? Unless I missed it as I left early?

(Greg Robson) #47

Likewise, I enjoyed hearing some different perceptions and experiences of Laravel. I think there’s a good balance in the group of skills/experiences.

Looking forward to the next event. (Good choice of pizza toppings as well!)

(Daniel Hollands) #48

The idea that I think would be cool to work on is the pair programming portal. If there are people interested in this, we can discuss it at the next meet up.

(Paul Tibbetts) #49

Hi all,

For those that could make it, thank you for coming to our first meetup and making it a success. For those that couldn’t, it’d be great to see you at the next one.

The general consensus from the first event was to schedule future meetups during the last week of the month however I’ve been asked to see if we could change the day from Wednesday and so I’ve created a poll on Doodle.

If you’d like to come to the second meetup please can you vote on the best day(s) for you by going to (you don’t need to sign up to use Doodle)

I’ll leave it up for the week and schedule the next event through Meetup on Sunday evening so you have just less than a week to get your votes in.

Hope to see you all there,

(Paul Tibbetts) #50

Dan’s reply has covered everything I can remember discussing however I’ll be watching through the video that was taken tonight/tomorrow to see if there was anything else. The quality of the video might make it a bit difficult but if it’s any good I’ll upload it somewhere for all to see.

I had hoped to have done this much sooner after the event however I’ve had a strangely busy few weeks. I’ll do some proper note taking for the next event.

(Paul Tibbetts) #51

Hi all,

I’ve scheduled the second meetup:

Hope to see you all there,

(Nav33d) #52

What happened with this meet up?

(SymfonyCoda) #56

Hey guys. This seems like an old thread, but wondering what happened to the meetup ideas? I’m living in Birmingham, but there doesn’t seem to be much going on in the way of Laravel.

I recently set up a slack community for UK Laravel devs and learners to help each other and for general networking.

If you are interested in that please go to for an automated invite. we have over 150 members already!

Otherwise take care, and let me know if any other meetups are planned


(Jim Seconde) #57

As a new arrival to Brum, I’m also going to bump this: the meetup group seems to have been dismantled. Were more meets scheduled?