Laravel Developer Meetup in Birmingham

(Daniel Hollands) #21

This sounds like an excellent start, good stuff. Get the meetup group set-up and I’ll be happy to join :smile:

(Daniel Newns) #22

sounds great @paul_tibbetts cant wait for this

(Grumpysi) #23

Yeah, all booked. Stopping in Amrath hotel same as last year. Laracon is always the best conf. of the year.

(Nav33d) #24

That is one expensive hotel. Doubt my company will pay for it. how far is it from venue and do you recommend or know any cheap hotels close to the venue?

(Paul Tibbetts) #25

Hey everyone, the Meetup page is live at

I’ve set a limit of 20 people for the first initial gathering to give us a chance to test it out and decide on a format to follow for future meetups. Pizza and drinks will be provided, I’m thinking soft drinks instead of alcohol but there are plenty of bars in the area if anyone would like to continue the discussion over a beer afterwards.

I’ve also created an event on emble to help us work out the most suitable date for everyone and I’d be really grateful if people could suggest an agenda. I’ve recently been attending WordPress Birmingham and I like the way it runs so I personally would prefer to have presentations followed by a chance to talk, either using a Lean Coffee or BarCamp format.

If you’d like to help with organisation and stop me becoming an evil dictator please get in touch, I’d ideally like 2 or 3 people to become organisers.

Is 18:30-20:30/21:00 after work a suitable time for everyone? (Should we decide on that in emble?)

(Nav33d) #26

I have signed up for Meetup group.

I kind of like Lean Coffee. Let’s see what others got to say. As far as time is concerned 18:30 is suitable for me.

(Grumpysi) #27

City hotel is just around the corner. Cheaper and nice. Not far from the venue.

(Daniel Hollands) #28

In my experience, trying to get dates out of people is like trying to herd cats. It just doesn’t work. The far better approach is to just set a date (or maybe a couple) and ask people to tell you their availability for each. Maybe you should look at the Calendar, see if you can find a week with little else going on, and set an option for each day that week in Emble. Then, all people need to do is look at the dates, check their diary, and vote for the dates that suit them best - with the most popular date winning.

(Greg Robson) #29

Cool, I just decided to search for any local groups today and found this thread. I was wondering when Birmingham group would spring up!

I can probably make a meetup if I leave work slightly earlier, which should be okay with my employer.

(Daveyon Mayne) #30

Welcome to the forum, @GregRobson

(Paul Tibbetts) #31

Good idea, I’ve added in some dates to emble for people to vote on. I’ve gone for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for the weeks commencing 8th and 22nd of June. The calendar looked pretty clear for these weeks, apart from Open Code on Tuesday, so hopefully it won’t clash with anything else going on.

Can everyone wanting to attend please vote on which days they can do? Next Sunday (31st May) I’ll add the most popular date to the first Meetup and get that scheduled. Thank you!

(Paul Tibbetts) #32

Hey Greg, welcome to the forums, why not introduce yourself?

Is a 18:30/19:00 start good for you? Where would you be traveling from?

(Daniel Hollands) #33

Voted for my best dates - pretty much any of them, except Thursday, 25 Jun.

(Daniel Newns) #34

dumb question but can anyone actually get to the event on emble? ive had sooo many issues with this service its unreal, setting it up with doodle would have been much easier and of course no need to sign up to use it.

if you just let me know the best date on here or when its been picked update the meetup page then ill be there for sure.



(Daniel Hollands) #35

Maybe @riaface can help?

I found that this link worked:

but this one didn’t:

I’ve got a feeling the second isn’t meant to be a public link.

(Paul Tibbetts) #36

Thanks Dan, I should have tested these links before posting :sweat_smile:

(Paul Tibbetts) #37

Hey all,

I’m very happy to announce that @dnewns has agreed to become an organiser and help run the Meetup!

Having previously organised WordPress Birmingham his experience of running a Meetup will be hugely appreciated (Thank you Dan!)

If anyone else would like to get involved with organising then please get in touch.

(Paul Tibbetts) #38

Hey all,

I’ve scheduled the first event for Wednesday the 24th of June, which was the most popular date on emble. It’s just over three weeks away which should hopefully be enough notice for everyone.

Hope to see you all there,

(Greg Robson) #39

Following up on the original question “are there any Laravel developers in Birmingham”: if anyone hasn’t signed up for - it would be great to see some more Laravel Developers (aka “artisans”) in the Birmingham area :smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #40

I’m looking forward to tonight, I’ll see you guys there :smile: