Laravel Developer Meetup in Birmingham

Hi All,

I was wondering are there any Laravel developers in Birmingham?

As there is no Laravel meet up in Birmingham. It would be good if we (Laravel Devs) arrange a meet up and help each other out with Laravel development

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Hi @Nav33d, welcome to the community, why not introduce yourself?

Although I’m not actively using Laravel right now (I’ve left PHP for Ruby-coloured pastures), it is a framework for which I have a lot of respect, so I might be interested in being part of such a group.

I know we’ve got a few Laravel devs here, such as @dnewns and @SmileyHCoder (as well as others who are learning), so this idea might just have legs.

What can we do to help?

Hi @Nav33d

great to hear from another Laravel Dev, a meetup would be great in Birmingham id love to see such a thing happen for sure.


Hi @LimeBlast thank you for your reply. Most welcoming response ever on any forum I have been. I have posted an introduction thread.

Laravel is to us what Ruby on rails is for Ruby developers I guess. I’m currently creating a web application for my Creativity Tuts YouTube channel. Where user will be able to register and login. Registered users will be able to download code for tutorial and more features will be added as I grow my tutorial base. Features like mark tutorial as favourite or watch later.

As I was building web application I did came across few problems which took a lot of time. I even searched for meet ups in Birmingham but there wasn’t any.

@dnewns That is great to hear and find another Laravel enthusiast. But how should we go about it and what should be meet up agenda?

Thanks guys seems like we are getting somewhere.

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I half agree with you, but I suppose that depends on the context. It’s true in that they’re both frameworks for their respective languages - but where most people that think of Ruby automatically think of Rails, the same is not true of PHP and Laravel because of all the alternatives (CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, et al).

I’d also go so far as to say that Laravel and Rails have different ways of solving problems, so while Rails is everything-including-the-kitchen-sink, with the (supposed) Rails Way being king, Laravel takes more of a skeletal approach, providing a solid framework with few bells and whistles, onto which you can craft whatever you need.

It is my hope that Lotus, a new Ruby framework currently in beta, is taking note of what Laravel is doing, and will follow suit.

Anyway, sorry for that massive off topic turn. :blush:

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@LimeBlast That is perfectly fine. I have discovered Lotus in the process and it does look promising and clean framework.

Welcome to the funhouse! It’d be cool to set up a Laravel meetup – there are quite a few venues around, whether you fancy a social meetup in pub or coffeeshop, or something more formal in someone’s offices, it should be possible to find somewhere for this sort of thing, I think! Can you say how you imagine the meetings working? And I may be able to help out finding a venue.

@sil Thank you for your reply. I don’t want to offend anyone but I don’t want Laravel meet up in pub or coffeeshop. Its not because I don’t drink. The reason is I want to learn and share knowledge so it is better to have formal place where you can concentrate.

What do you suggest?

Totally! So, your options there are somewhere like Impact Hub or BOM (for example, Open Code is at BOM), or using someone’s office, I would suggest. If I find someone interested in offering their office for an evening meeting, are you happy to have them put in touch with you?

@sil First I will want to see how many Laravel developers are here and what do they want and then we can go from there.

fair play! OK, speak up, Laravel developers. I’ll probably show up, although I’m not primarily a PHP chap. Who else is in? Feel free to summon other Laravel users you know to the Laravel meetup thread!

I’m up for that. Certainly nearer than going to Laravel London every couple of months. Anyone going to LaraconEU ?

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Hey @grumpysi, welcome to the community. Why not come introduce yourself. :smiley:

@grumpysi Good to know another Laravel developer in Birmingham. Yeah agree with you that we should have Laravel meet up in Birmingham.

I have got the ticket to LaraconEU but haven’t yet booked hotel or flight. Have you?

hi @grumpysi great to see another Laravel dev, sadly im not heading to LaraconEU but that might change, was looking forward to ArtisanConf down in London but sadly that has now been cancelled :frowning: so are you heading to LaraconEU ?


Laravel Dev here (over in Warwick University), it’d be great to meet up at some point and share thoughts!

It’s difficult to get out of work for “CPD” but I can manage it with enough notice.

Someone needs to create a meetup group and get the signups or members then the next step to find a place for a venue.

Looks like the Whisk crew may have a space when they move to the centre of town, according to

Hey all,

I’ve spoken to @pburrows and he’s kindly offered our offices for the meetup. Depending on numbers it might not work as a permanent solution but we can at least start it off and meet up to decide on what we want to do going forward and expand to a bigger place if we need to.

We can comfortably fit 10 people around the meeting table to watch presentations(?) on the TV but we could squeeze a few extra chairs around it if we need to.

We (The Blue Cube) are at 57 Frederick Street in the Jewellery Quarter which is hopefully handy for others to get to. I don’t mind setting up a page so we can get an idea of numbers.

What do you think?


Hey Paul that sounds great.

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