Laravel Birmingham's next meetup theme?

I really like the idea of getting together to do some coding. I also think there are a few ideas for projects that, although are ultimately quite different from each other, will share a lot of common elements.

I also liked the sound of Hackference and have heard a few people say they’ve enjoyed going to hackathons, however I wouldn’t feel productive turning up to one with my knowledge and experience of Laravel.

In the pub afterwards @skinofstars suggested giving the next meetup a theme and with a few of the more experienced developers going to Laracon we could make that theme “getting started”.

@umbertix (and others) would two hours be long enough to take someone from absolute beginner to having a working environment to start an app of their own?

We could aim to have people bring their laptops and through guidance/laracasts end the night fully set up to start coding. By then hopefully people will have had a chance to discuss their project ideas and pair up with others so that when we do meet up we are ready to go.

After this I’d like to think quite a few people will be ready and eager to start coding, how would people feel about a hack-night/day/weekend?

We could meet Saturday morning, have an hour to plan what we’re doing (in user stories, on paper or by shouting at each other) and then aim to demo things Sunday afternoon.

What do you think?

(pinging @dnewns)

Hackference will be the perfect opportunity for you to get some experience, don’t let the lack of experience stop you from attending, get down there and take part.

Do you not want me to do a talk on October CMS? Because if I was to do this, then it would seem to me that the theme would be October, with the format being something along the lines of 15 minutes of meet and greet, 30-45 minutes on the presentation, 15 minutes of pizza, then the remainder of the time doing round table/grouped discussion (followed by the pub). If you’d rather do a getting started instead, I will happily postpone the October thing, but I don’t think you should try and cram too much into a single evening.

Not that this has anything to do with me, but it really feels like you should do a talk on October CMS in October otherwise it’s just a missed opportunity! :smile:

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