Keyboard for coding

(Steve Jalim) #61

(Andy Wootton) #62

Would the code work with a MIDI drum kit? :slight_smile:

‘math drumming’

(Etewiah) #63

Ordered this recently - a friend who uses it swears by it. Will update here when I receive it on how it turns out:

(Andy Wootton) #64

Keyboard (for writing, or drafting code)

I wondered if they were still in businees. They seem to be. It was the Hemmingwrite. $499 well spent?

I read some reviews. I’ve never previously thought about writing and editing being seperate activities. It’s just for writing, without distraction. ‘Flow’?

(Andy Wootton) #65

£25 off a Cherry keyboard (which is more than I’d be willing to pay for a keyboard)

(David Goodwin) #66

I’m using at the moment (Dell KB216, USB, about £14 perhaps).

It’s cheap and cheerful enough.

(Daniel Hollands) #67

Time to revive a dead thread methinks:

I have no intention of building my own keyboard, but I like that you can.