Keyboard for coding

I’m an analyst. You need to tell me what you really want

See the comparison with similar products

Is ‘nikki’ Nikki Pugh? She’s doing a Thing this weekend, with her robot critters. You can probs find via BOM ‘Colony Live Lab’.

The comment about not having independent control of index finger and pinky wasn’t a problem on Microwriter, due to the genius move of triggering on finger removal. I’m getting deja vu.

Hahahaha. What I want: not that. The point of the wristbands is that they’re invisible in normal use. Not that I walk around looking like the Terminator :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a narrow band around the tendons on the back of the hand during my browsing. I assumed it was in that list. Probably less noticeable.

I have a feeling you know about this but I saw it today

I do know about laser keyboards, although I didn’t know about that very small one particularly. My issue with those is that you have to have a flat surface to project onto…

btw Nikki Pugh’s critters re-launch on Tuesday evening, not this weekend.

Great find! I’d rather quite like this on my desk.

Although with the exchange rates as they are, and the fact that I bought a new keyboard not too long ago, I sadly can’t justify the backing price right now :frowning:

To be honest, you can buy an actual boat for less.

I don’t get it @LimeBlast ???

{humourous rant}
Apparently to increase my productivity I need to frequently take my eyes of the screen and focus on the keyboard and move my hands off the keyboard - the exact place they need to be in order to produce work. Yes, because that’s what my Word Processing teacher at school told me - to get your speed up: hands off the keys and look at the keyboard!

People need to learn keyboard shortcuts for their OS and sort themselves out! Or, just turn off all the flippin’ notifications that are preventing you from doing the work in the first place. If it rains, I’ll here it on the window! (Sidenote: I’m unsubscribing a whole bunch of emails and I’m detoxing my [already limited] notifications and distractions./

What ever happened to a few well placed on screen notifications? Or just docking your phone near the screen if you really want to be notified of something?
{end humourous rant}

On a serious note, I quite like the idea of the MacBook Pro "context bar"

It’s closer to the dock and in my field of vision, it’s also touch-typeable (hopefully).

I think that will be very useful for audio/video editing (who knows, perhaps you could have RGB or CMYK sliders or a palette for graphics work?) - I think the F-keys might have had their day as a concept - we no longer work our computers with the guidance of large printed spiral bound manuals! :grin:

TBH, neither do I - but this thread is full of weird keyboards, and this is one of the weirder ones.

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Not a keyboard this time, but a bunch of keyboard covers for Apple devices:

This is what you do when you have a bunch of RBG keyboards sitting around doing nothing:

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Now I’ve seen it all - a glass keyboard:

I am this close to hitting the checkout button on

@stevejalim Have you tried a keyboard like that? The Microsoft one made my wrists hurt worse than any keyboard I ever used.

Yes, I’ve long preferred an ergonomic keyboard, but finding one with mechanical keyswitches isn’t easy.

IMO we did not evolve to push buttons on a flat rectangular slab with our wrists at an angle, and I doubt my body is going to make that leap, so I’m always keen to find a better shaped tool

Entirely unrelated to the above:

I find the first issue is that the tips of our fingers aren’t in a straight line. Once I’ve bent my fingers to ‘make that so’, my wrists are straight. On the Microsoft keyboard I had to twist my wrist sideways. I guess each of us find our own way.

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