Keyboard for coding

A minor update.

I was looking for a new keyboard, the Cherry MX Blue keyboard I’d been using for ages was great but very loud. Also took up alot of space on the desk so I wanted something a little more compact.

I was going to order a heavily customised wasd keyboard, when I found one of these on e-bay for £30, the previous owner had it for a week but decided he preferred a full size keyboard. I decided to take a punt on it ( i have used a lot of razer devices in the past when I was more heavily into gaming )

It’s a Razer BlackWidow Tournament edition ( which basically means it doesn’t have number pad ). It uses Razer’ own mechanical keys which are very tactile and probably MX Green equivelant, and not quite as loud as the MX blues. Works great on my mac and under my various ubuntu vms.

i spend most of my live in Vim these and found the compact layout works really well for me.

As for the old Cherry keyboard, one of me colleagues borrowed it to see if it was any better than the stock apple keyboard … he’s been using for several months so I suspect the answer is YES. Although I think four of us with mechanical keyboards sitting around @pads is probably driving him nuts.

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I’ve just pulled the trigger on ordering the Code Keyboard. I’m surprised it’s not easier to get hold of in the UK, seeing as they now offer UK specific layout - but it was pretty much a case of ordering direct from WSAD (and being subject to import duty, etc…) or from getDigital - I went for the latter.

I sure hope it’s worth the nearly £180 I spent on it :grimacing: - I hope to find out later this week (it’s being shipped from Germany, so no idea when it’s getting here).

(Late to the conversation, but hey-ho!)

I use the Apple full size wired keyboard … on Windows. It’s quiet and the keys are responsive with minimal effort required when I type (I touch type up up to 60wpm on a good day.) It’s also one of the closest keyboards to the IBM Model M in layout.

I’ve actually adapted to the @ and " switch (which exists even on the English British layout). It’s actually a bit faster when writing PHP code to have the double quote instead of @. SHIFT+3 generates a #, but I have used Breevy to remap #! combination to £ (which I use less frequently).

I would dearly love a Magic Keyboard (I’ve become less convinced that having the numeric keypad on the far right is worth it, but that doesn’t work with Windows :frowning:

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This is why I have noise-cancelling headphones in the office :smile:

I fixed your post for you.

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After the disaster that was the Code Keyboard (tl;dr - amazing keyboard, but I didn’t get on with the MX clear keys), I’ve gone once more into the fray and ordered myself a Ducky One.

Found a couple more interesting keyboards:

I should bleedin’ well think so since it costs the same amount as three hundred and thirty regular keyboards :slight_smile:

I saw an interesting device a few days ago, like a rubber knuckle duster on each hand. It sensed finger movement. It was far from clear how it worked.

I am interested in hearing more about that, if you can dig up a link…

I’ve been looking. Thought it might be Engadget. I think it’s the tech from VR gloves, reduced to a band of five rings. I was interested because I once had a Microwriter Agenda that used 5 finger chord typing, without looking. I miss it. Android is driving me crazy.

Heh. The reason I ask is because for years I’ve wanted a wristband (not knuckle dusters) which senses finger motion and acts like a chording keyboard.!topic/birmingham-hack-space/sEXiX40njzQ is a discussion about it which might be interesting. But it requires a ton of mechanical engineering and electronics knowledge that I don’t have :frowning:

I’m an analyst. You need to tell me what you really want

See the comparison with similar products

Is ‘nikki’ Nikki Pugh? She’s doing a Thing this weekend, with her robot critters. You can probs find via BOM ‘Colony Live Lab’.

The comment about not having independent control of index finger and pinky wasn’t a problem on Microwriter, due to the genius move of triggering on finger removal. I’m getting deja vu.

Hahahaha. What I want: not that. The point of the wristbands is that they’re invisible in normal use. Not that I walk around looking like the Terminator :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a narrow band around the tendons on the back of the hand during my browsing. I assumed it was in that list. Probably less noticeable.

I have a feeling you know about this but I saw it today

I do know about laser keyboards, although I didn’t know about that very small one particularly. My issue with those is that you have to have a flat surface to project onto…

btw Nikki Pugh’s critters re-launch on Tuesday evening, not this weekend.

Great find! I’d rather quite like this on my desk.

Although with the exchange rates as they are, and the fact that I bought a new keyboard not too long ago, I sadly can’t justify the backing price right now :frowning:

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