- anyone want an invite?

Yo! Anyone want an invite to Hit me up with your email!

Yes please (I sent my email address in IRC)


Right… so now I have a Keybase profile: - what’s next?

It’s not a social network. You just use your keys when you find the need.

I think that’s the problem - I don’t know what it’s for. Near as I can tell, this is for verification purposes - to prove I am who I say I am - as well as sending secret messages, or something.

Yeah, it’s just an easy to use database of peoples public keys (not sure if you’ve ever used the old style key servers? shudders). You can look up people by common names, like their Twitter handles, then use the key they’ve stored to send them messages. You can also save yourself a kinda friends list to make stuff simpler. All in a pretty modern interface.

We don’t all have to be spies, investigative journalists or dissidents in an oppressive regime just to use GPG. Consider simple things like sending login credentials to a remote developer on your team.

Being able to share things privately when needed should be easy. is just trying to help that.

Ok, enough blah blah from me, let’s finish with a couple of links shall we?


I’ve been using keybase for a while (

I think it’s a great addition to the standard toolkit.

Keybase is a solution to the network of trust problem.

Going to cryptoparties and having your keys signed by a bunch of stallmanites is awesome and quirky, but its really essential GPG gets better adoption and the cryptoparty approach doesn’t seem to scale.

I’ve heard activists explain that if everyone encrypted their email using GPG the increase in cost to NSA/GCHQ would be high, so its a kind of protest against mass collection too.

As well as very handy when you need to send a message with a high risk threat model.

I currently have two keybase invitations available. PM me with your email if you want one

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The keybase filesystem is also very interesting

(Roll on client-project cash out so I can work on fun stuff like this all the time)

Yes, I’d like one please.
Many thanks

I have 4 invitations available if anyone wants one, send me a private message.

I’m sure there are probably plenty to go around at this point, but just in case anyone needs them, I also have some invites. Send me a PM with you email address if you want one.

Anyone else in the KBFS alpha yet? If you are, find me, track me and we can try out some secure sharing of trivial files as part of the alpha. Would be partic interested if you’re on Linux (am on OSX)

Here’s a taste: cryptographically signed public file sharing -

I’m looking for an invite, anyone?

Send me a PM with your email address and I’ll hook you up.

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