Just joined - say hello

(Nickh46) #1

Hello There,

Well I have just joined as I am retraining as a web developer (after spending years in IT support). I thought I would introduce myself and start getting connected, particularly to the digital scene in Birmingham. My main areas are HTML, CSS and JavaScript and I’ve just completed a Microsoft Virtual Academy course - which feels good. Next step an MCP in coding !

Take care

(Jon) #2

Welcome to the forum! I am a web dev too, but PHP instead. Are you wanting to use JS on the server, or a .net/MS language?

FYI: we have longer questions/chat here, but there’s also the Slack channel for more ephemeral stuff (see the top bar).

(Nickh46) #3

Hi Halfer,

Well I’ve just started. I do love coding it seems quite natural some how. As for the JS on the server. I am not sure what that all means yet. So I’ll read up on it.

(Daniel Hollands) #4

Welcome to the community, @nickh46 :slight_smile:

(Jon) #5

Ah, you mentioned JavaScript, which comes in two flavours:

  • Code that runs in your web browser
  • Code that runs on your server, often known as Node.js

They are two very different ways of making apps dynamic, and often people use both. While you probably have to use JavaScript on the browser (it’s the only language they can understand) there are loads of different languages you can use on the server.

I like PHP, @LimeBlast likes Ruby, … there’s quite a lot of them!